Do You Know Your Coffee? Different Types of Coffee Beans

If you are a coffee lover, you’ve probably noticed the different tastes of different coffee brands. Have you ever stopped and thought of what type of coffee you are drinking? Do you even know that there are different types of coffee? There are two different types of...

Top 8 Best K Cup Coffee Makers

Whether it’s a quick cup in the morning to get you out the door or an afternoon pick-me-up, coffee is a staple for your every day life. So why shouldn’t it be easy to grab your cup and go? K Cups are a small pod filled with enough coffee for a single serving, making...

The Vietnamese Coffee Maker of Your Dreams

Vietnamese iced coffee, or café sua da, is a delightful Vietnamese treat. It is made with a variety of sweetening options, but the most common combination is coffee and sweetened condensed milk. You can make this type of coffee from your own home, with the tools you already have in your kitchen. However, if you’re looking to make café sua da the way Vietnamese locals do, you will want to invest in a Vietnamese coffee maker. It might take some time for you to get used to the new way of making...

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