6 Portland Coffee Shops You Have to Check Out

Portland, Oregon is a pretty happening place. It has a vibrant arts scene, trendsetting restaurants, and eclectic and diverse retailers. It’s also home to some pretty amazing coffee shops. That should come as no surprise, right?

Of course, hip Portland has great coffee. In fact, it’s a top coffee city. Coffee fuels the city’s artists, writers, and musicians. It fuels the culture, and it’s available just about anywhere.

6 Portland Coffee Shops to Give You a Taste of the City

If you want to find cafes that are cutting edge and that are on the forefront of coffee innovation, then look no further than Portland. Its rich coffee scene is churning out cup after cup of incredible coffee, and all you need to know is where to go to get it. Here are the 6 Portland coffee shops you need to check out.

1. Case Study Coffee

A great way to get to know Portland coffee is to hit up Case Study Coffee. They have several airy and spacious café locations throughout Portland, and they’ll also happily bring the coffee to you through their catering service. They roast their own beans on site, and they have an extensive variety of beans to choose from. They offer regular coffee tastings from a trained staff, and they have delicious baked goods from local bakery Rushmore Baking.

2. Coava on Grand

To get a real feel for the coffee scene in Portland you need to visit one of its most famous roasters. Coava has several locations, but it’s the flagship store on Grand that’s a must see. This space is Industrial Revolution meets coffee house, and the results are spectacular.

Their menu isn’t filled with an extensive list of syrupy drinks. Instead, they offer 2 selections of pour over coffees and 2 selections of espresso. They pride themselves on simplicity, and the company’s founders wanted a place that created exciting coffee flavors for coffee professionals as well as coffee patrons. Whichever one you happen to be, you’ll be at home at Coava.

3. Heart Coffee Roasters

Portland roasting is a big deal. As you peruse the city you’ll find dozens of roasting companies that keep up with the constant demand for killer beans. Heart Coffee Roasters is one of the biggest names in the Portland roasting biz, and it’s easy to see why.

They have several spacious café spots throughout the city each with a clean, minimal appearance much like the coffee bags that bear their modest logo. They let the quality of their roasting process do all the talking.

They take pride in their products selling coffee all over Portland and beyond in their online store, and they are also committed to educating customers on the finer points of coffee. You can register for a home brewing class or a coffee tasting class to elevate your coffee skills.

4. Blend Coffee

No trip to the Portland area is complete without a stop at Blend Coffee. It has a cool little vibe to it, but it’s their funky and quirky drinks that make this place truly special and a must-stop for any coffee connoisseur. You can give the Honey Badger a try made with locally produced honey, rich espresso, and steamed milk. Or maybe you’d prefer the inspired Espresso Fizz, which is just as tantalizing and bubbly as its name suggests.

5. Kainos Coffee

Kainos Coffee Co. is a bright and airy café with a location in Portland and one in The Dalles. Its walls are splashed with bold patterns and colors, and they serve their own blends of roasted coffee as well as lots of fresh pastries and wood-fired pizzas.

It all started when two friends built their very own bicycle-powered coffee roaster from scratch, and the creative ingenuity seeps into every aspect of the coffee shop. They rely on the support of family, friends, and the community, and they give back in a big way. Twenty-one percent of their profits go to people in the Philippines, so you can be proud to raise your cup to a place that does good in the name of coffee.

6. Tov

Ever been to a coffee shop inside a double-decker bus before? Tov’s Egyptian coffees and teas are as exotic as its unorthodox location. You can find all sorts of exotic creations like a charcoal vanilla syrup latte as well as traditional Egyptian pastries.

The seating is cozy and intimate, and it’s the perfect place to read a book, or have a rousing conversation. You choose.

A Cup of Coffee for All

Portland coffee is a pretty big deal. It forms the backbone of the city’s commerce, its industry, and its tourism. From craft coffee roasters to coffee houses that experiment with different syrups and textures, Portland has a cup of coffee for everyone. You’ve got some great places to start exploring, and you’ll likely be able to add a few more of your own once you get started.

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