Top 8 Best Decaf Coffee Brands for 2018

If you’re looking for the best decaf coffee brands on the market today, this article is here to help. While coffee drinkers tend to be a bit particular and have well-developed preferences, most coffee drinkers are also open to trying great new roasts.

For those who are tapering off caffeine, it might be daunting to find a good decaf coffee brand, as most regular coffee drinkers aren’t overly familiar with decaf blends. This article sifts through dozens of gourmet decaf coffee blends currently on the market to help readers find the very best.

Which Decaf Blend is Best? 

Below, we rank the 8 Best Decaf Coffee Brands based on aggregate consumer and professional reviews. In our evaluation, we also considered factors such as value and availability.

While we think that these are the best decaf coffee brands you can buy, coffee preferences are very much up to the individual. So, these decaf coffee blends are presented in alphabetical order, rather than ranked numerically.

Cafe Don Pablo features a wonderful taste and enticing aroma. This is because Colombian Supreme beans are used to produce some of the world’s most flavorful blends, even in decaf.


  • Made with an All-Natural Swiss Water Process
  • Made from decaffeinated Colombian Supremo
  • Flavor notes have citrus undertones with a heavier cocoa and caramel taste
  • This decaf coffee brand is smooth, with a clean finish with low acidity
  • Medium-Dark Roast - Whole Bean Arabica Coffee - GMO Free
  • Artisan Roasted in Small Batches for Optimum Freshness
  • Manufacturer recommends for optimum freshness and quality that customers only purchase Don Pablo Coffee from Burke Brands LLC

In addition to using the highest-quality Colombian Supremo beans, Cafe Don Pablo is decaffeinated using an all-natural Swiss water process. This ensures that the beans retain their flavor and freshness.

Café Don Pablo has an exceptional flavor, including natural notes of cocoa and caramel with a hint of citrus.

This delectable decaf coffee blend is excellent at any time, but is preferred by many as an after-dinner blend served with cookies or pastries. The sweet notes in Café Don Pablo pair well with traditional desserts.

A two-pound bag of Café Don Pablo is available on Amazon. Café Don Pablo is also an “Amazon’s Choice” product for Best Decaf Coffee Blends.

High-quality decaf coffee can definitely get expensive. Consumers looking for a more-affordable but delicious option can consider Eight O'Clock's Original Decaf variety.


  • Unique blend of 100% Arabica decaffeinated coffee beans, medium roasted
  • Same rich, smooth, and original taste without all the caffeine
  • Packed in sealed bags for freshness
  • Today Eight O'Clock is America's best-selling whole bean coffee
  • Kosher certified

Checking in at about $0.58 per ounce, Original Decaf is certainly more budget-friendly than most of the other blends on this list. Thankfully however, Eight O’Clock does not compromise on flavor or quality, and this blend remains one of the best decaf coffee products on the market.

Original Decaf is comprised of 100% Arabica beans, which have a smoother flavor than blends containing robusta.

The Eight O’Clock Medium Roast is bold enough to provide satisfying richness and deep flavor. At the same time, Original Decaf does not leave a bitter aftertaste, and rates very well among consumers

The beans used in Original Decaf are certified Kosher, and this is a good pick for those who want a great-tasting decaffeinated coffee with an alluring aroma.

If you're a fan of Eight O'Clock's Original regular coffee, you'll also enjoy the decaf version. Eight O’Clock drinkers can see the company’s full product line on the official website.

Fresh Roasted Coffee produces a number of varieties, but one of their very best blends is their Organic Sumatra blend.


  • USDA Organic, Decaffeinated
  • 12 oz. 3 Pack, Whole Bean
  • Coffee is roasted in our environmentally friendly coffee roaster.
  • Bold Body, Medium Roast

Fresh Roasted Coffee Inc.’s Organic Sumatra decaf blend uses mountain-water processing. This method is quite similar to the more popular Swiss Water process, and produces equally exquisite coffee.

This decaf coffee blend comes in both whole bean and ground form. The company takes great care to ensure that the coffee is processed and roasted in an eco-friendly manner. The product is also non-GMO.

The Sumatra best decaf coffee blend is medium roasted, giving it a bold taste and a strong body. Even in decaffeinated form, the Organic Sumatra blend by Fresh Roasted Coffee provides a taste that will satisfy coffee drinkers everywhere.

Lastly, this blend is made without any added preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors, letting the drinker fully experience the wealth of bold, natural flavor.  

Consumer will pay a bit more for this blend. The full line of Fresh Roasted Coffee products, complete with pricing, can be viewed here.

Decaf coffee blends tend to lack the rich, dark flavor that many caffeinated blends do. That isn’t the case with Kicking Horse Decaf, which is wonderfully rich and bold.

We think Kicking Horse Coffee's decaf dark roast is among the strongest – literally and figuratively - decaf coffee varieties available, due to the richness of the body and the clean, crisp finish.


  • Kicking Horse Decaf is extremely dark
  • Central American origin
  • Coffee is purified via Swiss Water decaffeination process
  • Kicking Horse Coffee is both kosher and organic 
  • he coffee beans are freshly roasted and packed in Canada

The beans in this blend are sourced from South and Central America. Kicking Horse Decaf is certified Fairtrade, kosher, and organic.

If you are weaning off caffeinated coffee and miss exceptional dark taste, Kicking Horse Decaf comes highly recommended.

Kicking Horse Decaf is available on Amazon. Additional details about Kicking Horse and their product line can be found on the company’s website. 

Koffee Kult has a reputation for phenomenal flavor in their regular coffee blend, but the company also produces one of the best decaf coffee blends with their Columbian Decaf.


  • The Colombian Decaf Medium Roast is smooth with a heavy body, featuring bright floral and cinnamon notes
  • The coffee has a crisp, lasting finish
  • Koffee Kult claims that while there are many types of coffee beans, none compare in terms of quality to those used in the Colombian Decaf roast
  • Per the company, Koffee Kult Columbian Decaf blend uses better-sourced beans than anyone else on the globe  
  • Koffee Kult’s filtration process uses absolutely no chemicals while extracting caffeine from their rainforest-friendly coffee beans
  • The Arabica beans uses in the Columbian decaf blend produce specialty-grade coffee, leading to a more flavorful aroma and spectacular taste
  • Available online and delivered directly to your home from a broad number of vendors

A spectacular decaf coffee blend from Koffee Kult is the Colombian Decaf. This blend showcases as an exceptional aroma.

While many decaffeinated blends lack the strong aroma of traditional caffeinated blends, this is an area in which Koffee Kult Columbian Decaf excels.

The Koffee Kult Columbian Decaf blend has a tremendous aroma while whole, while ground, and while brewing. The company claims that customers will want to get out of bed just for the smell of this gourmet blend.

Like many coffees on this list, Koffee Kult uses a Swiss Water filtration process to ensure purity. The blend is chemical-free, and the result is a tremendously-clean finish.

This blend is a Medium Roast, however given the richness of beans, it definitely trends toward bold. Flavor is not an issue with the product.

Koffee Kult Colubian Decaf is available on Amazon. Complete details on Koffee Kult can be found on the company website.

No Fun Jo Decaf contains 100% Arabica coffee beans for a bold taste that's round and smooth.


  • No Fun Jo Organic Decaf comes with the following notes: milk chocolate with sweet blueberry
  • Full-bodied
  • No Flavoring or sweeteners added

If you are looking for the best decaf coffee in a variety that's organic and free of GMO, we recommend that you consider the No Fun Organic blend by Jo Coffee.

Jo Coffee purchases only from the top 2% of all Arabica raw coffee worldwide through direct sourcing. The company uses a dedicated team of coffee cupping experts, and strives for coffee perfection in every hand-crafted artisan roast.

Jo Coffee is proud to offer USDA Certified Organic Coffee and Fair-Trade Certified Coffee. The company recognizes and gives honor to the many small coffee growers around the planet.

The Organic decaf blend is decaffeinated with the Swiss water process, fair-trade certified, and has a Medium Dark roast. The body is rich, robust, and indistinguishable from the best regular coffees.

The blend has an exceptional taste with no flavoring added.

Those with sensitive stomachs may want to give No Fun Organic Decaf special consideration, as the blend is very low in acid.

Consumers who want not only excellent favor but also sustainably-sourced beans can purchase from Stone Street with confidence. Based in Brooklyn, Stone Street produces an amazing Mayan Decaf.


  • Stone Street uses a 100% Chemical-free, eco-friendly decaffeination process.
  • The coffee undergoes the popular and clean Swiss Water process for optimum purity
  • RFA Certified
  • he Mayan Decaf Blend is Medium Roasted and rich. The blend produces a full-flavored cup with a moderate body and a fresh, clean aroma
  • The blend has low-acidity and a crisp, smooth finish
  • Well-balanced and lacking typical decaf bitterness
  • Mayan decaf beans have a Central American origin
  • Stone Street is a ‘Micro-Roasterie’ roaster located in of Brooklyn, NYC
  • Small-batch hand-crafted: Stone Street Coffee is dedicated to the fine art of handcrafted coffees.

Stone Street Coffee sources and directly buys only the best quality specialty grade beans. The company has high standards, as well as a dedicated team of coffee-cupping experts. The group strives for coffee perfection in every hand-crafted artisan roast.

The Mayan Decaf blend uses the same Swiss Water process as many higher-end coffees to remove any chemical or nonessential taste. The result is a low-acid, smooth, rich Medium Roast with remarkable taste.

The beans come from Central America, where they are sourced responsibly. Each batch also undergoes a micro-roasting process for unbeatable quality and purity.

Stone Street Coffee Mayan Decaf is available on Amazon. Complete details on Stone Street and their roasting process are available on their official website.

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One of the best decaf coffee blends made from single origin beans is Volcanica Coffee's Costa Rica Decaf. The blend uses Swiss water processing and is 99.9% free of caffeine.

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  • The Tarrazu high altitudes and cool temperatures provide a full body and an extremely-lively finish
  • Blend produces a smooth, bright cup
  • Decaf Tarrazu features good balance with a subtle chocolate flavor
  • Single origin estate coffee
  • Medium Roast
  • Comes ground
  • Fresh-roasted then immediately packed and vacuum-sealed to maximize and ensure freshness
  • Volcanica Coffee has a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

No products found.

The coffee's taste perfectly represents the best of its region from the mountains of San Jose. The Medium Roast of the Costa Rica Decaf blend brings out the flavor notes without adding any bitterness.

The blend is noted for its exceptionally smooth and clean taste. Consumers noted that the Volcanica Decat Tarrazu blend retained this clean taste regardless of which method was used to brew the coffee.

Volcanica decaffeinates their coffee with the Swiss Water Process. This is a 100% chemical-free process that delivers 99.9% caffeine-free coffee while protecting the Costa Rican coffee’s unique characteristics.

Additionally, customers can order this coffee in several forms, including whole beans, drip, French press, and espresso grind.

Volcanica Coffe Costa Rica Decaf Tarrazu is available on Amazon. Interested readers can learn more about Volcanica and their roasting process on the company’s website.

Decaffeinated and Delicious

We hope that you find this list of the 8 Best Decaf Coffee Brands helpful. Whether you are drinking decaf to avoid caffeine or to take advantage of the antioxidant benefits, we believe that any of the coffees on this list will be worthwhile additions to your morning.

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