Finding a good drip coffee maker is hard. That’s because you’re pretty hard on coffee makers. You use yours every single day, and sometimes more than once a day. Your coffee pot doesn’t get weekends or holidays off. It’s expected to perform day in and day out to help get you pumped and prepped for a full day ahead.

For many coffee makers, these demands prove too hard to handle. In fact, you’ve gone through more coffee makers than you can remember. You’ve tried every company and every price range, but finding one that can keep up with you and your family has been hard.

If you’re like a lot of people you probably resist making a true investment in a coffee maker. You probably assume that all makers are equal. In the end, they all start spewing grounds into the pot no matter what you do.


3 Reasons to Choose the BUNN NHS Velocity Coffee Brewer

But the Bunn NHS Velocity Coffee Brewer is here to help change your mind. All drip coffee makers are not equal, and some are actually worth making an investment in. Here’s why the BUNN NHS velocity coffee brewer is worth every penny.


1. It Brews Lightening Fast

The BUNN NHS Velocity Coffee Brewer can make a 10-cup pot of coffee in under 3 minutes. You won’t have to waste time standing around waiting for it to brew, and you can carry on with the rest of your morning’s frantic activities with your coffee in tow.

This is because it features a stainless steel water tank that keeps water heated constantly to the optimal brewing temperature of 200 degrees. It’s basically standing at attention on your kitchen counter ready for you to add the grounds and say go. Because the water is always hot you get coffee on demand whenever you need it. Of course, you always have the option of switching the heat off if you won’t be needing it.

How many times have you started to brew a pot of coffee in the morning only to be called away by kids, lunch prep, laundry, or showering, before you get a chance to enjoy some coffee? How many times have you had to wait until you climb into the car with your travel mug to get a sip of coffee that you brewed an hour ago?

While there’s no avoiding a morning of interruptions, a coffee maker that works this fast can certainly help you deal with the unexpected.


2. It Features a Drip Free Carafe

Doesn’t it always seem that no matter what you do, you end up pouring coffee half into your cup and half on the counter? No matter how careful you are pouring, the coffee never seems to go where it’s supposed to, and it’s even worse when you’re trying to pour a carafe full of water into the coffee pot’s water reservoir.

You try pouring with the lid open and with the lid closed, but the results are always the same. The problem is so prevalent that you probably have a dedicated coffee towel in your kitchen for cleaning up after morning coffee prep.

The BUNN NHS velocity coffee brewer helps change that never ending battle by offering a glass carafe that is drip free. The lid and spout design on the carafe help to arc the coffee perfectly into your cup, and it even wicks coffee dribbles back into the carafe. That means more coffee in your cup, less coffee on your counter, and more time to concentrate on more important morning tasks.


3. It Gives You Superior Flavor

A multi-stream spray head and a flat bottom filter and funnel allows for the hot water to pour over the grounds more easily and for the water to interact with the grounds better. All that better and more even interaction between the beans and the hot water means that you get more robust flavor extraction.

In other words, you get a better-brewed cup of coffee. Which is good because you like to drink your coffee for the flavor of coffee. There are dozens of ways you could choose to get your morning jolt of caffeine, but you choose coffee because you love the taste of coffee. The BUNN NHS brewer helps you love it even more.

A Coffee Pot That’s Worth Every Penny

It can take a little convincing to spend more than $25 on a coffee pot when you’re so used to them breaking, but the BUNN Velocity brewer is packed with incredible features, it’s backed by a 3 year warranty, and it still won’t break the bank. It will improve your coffee drinking experience, which means it will pretty much improve your whole life.

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