Coffee, as in most European countries, is a big part of Spanish culture.

Although coffee in Spain has a reputation for being in a decline, there has been a great resurgence, although you may need to do a bit of exploring to find the perfect cup.

Ordering coffee in Spain can be a bit different as the most common style of coffee is café con leche, or coffee with milk. This will be a weaker style of coffee, but you can rest assured that you can still find a strong espresso if you ask for it.


Ordering Barcelona Coffee

If you walk into any café in Barcelona, you may be served a cup of coffee that is bitter or of poor quality.

The coffee scene in Barcelona is just emerging as more people have taken the time to learn and study abroad in order to improve the culture.

With that being said, knowing how to order a coffee in Spain is just as important as having a refined palate for it. Common coffee orders include:

  • Café Solo or Double: This will be your go to order for Espresso. A solo is a single shot while a double is obviously a double shot of espresso. This is the perfect option for those who do not like milk with their coffee, which is the custom in Barcelona.
  • Café con Leche or Café Cortado: These are great options for those looking for a softer or “milkier” taste for their coffee. Café con leche literally translates to coffee with milk, while café cortado is an espresso with a dash of milk.
  • Carajillo or Trifásico: For the more adventurous coffee drinkers looking for a bit of a Spanish twist, these are Catalan specialties. Carajillo is an espresso with a little kick in the form of brandy or whiskey. Trifásico is a Carajillo but with a bit of milk for taste.

There are plenty of other options when ordering Barcelona coffee, but these will generally be your go-to orders when trying a new café.

Because high quality coffee is just beginning to find its way into Spain, it’s important to know where to go to find the very best coffee options.


Finding the Best Coffee in Barcelona

For coffee lovers heading to Barcelona, knowing where to stop for a good cup is critical. While there are plenty of bistros and café spots, there are only a few that have put the time into learning and improving by traveling around Europe. Some of our top picks for Barcelona coffee include:


Nomad Coffee Productions

Founded in 2014 by Barcelona native Jordi Mestre, Nomad Coffee Production is greatly responsible for helping create specialty coffee spots in Barcelona. Mestre trained at Nude Espresso in London, where he was able to refine his skills and knowledge about coffee. Those skills turned into accolades in 2012 and 2013 as Mestre won the National Barista Championship.

Now, Nomad Coffee Production is a hotspot not only for a good cup of coffee, but also as a place where you can hone your own skills. Not only is Nomad a stop for morning coffee, but in the afternoon, the café is transformed into a training space where a range of classes are taught including an introduction to coffee, filtered coffee techniques, and espresso courses.


Skye Coffee

You know you’re in Skye Coffee when you’re being served from a converted 1972 Citoën HY, which showcases the two passions of owner Sky Maunsell, vintage cars and good coffee.

Opened in 2014, Skye has become an epicenter for business people, coffee aficionados and visitors alike. Serving coffee from the converted van, Skye Coffee offers a unique blend of art and relaxation in this unique space.

Located in a design area called Espacio 88, Skye Coffee hosts’ regular pop-up breakfasts, art exhibits, and more.


Onna Coffee

Enjoy coffee in Spain via Costa Rica with Onna Coffee. Owned and operated by Anahi Paez, all the coffee served at Onna comes directly from Costa Rica where Paez’s family continues to be heavily involved in the production of coffee.

Specializing in green beans, Onna serves a happy medium style coffee that is not light roast, but also not dark. Onna is known for its cool and unique style, which was designed on purpose as a means to showcase coffee and restore the feel of a café as a place to exchange ideas.


Get Your Coffee in Barcelona

Whether you frequent Barcelona or are traveling for the first time, you can rest assured that finding a quality cup of coffee is as easy as knowing where to go.

With a group of passionate coffee experts setting up shop in the area you can enjoy some of the best coffees around from the likes of Nomad Coffee, Skye Coffee, Onna Coffee, and many others.

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