Coffee is more than just a warm morning beverage with a caffeine kick. For many java-enthusiasts, coffee is a way of life. Log onto your favorite social media website at any given moment on Monday morning and you will see an abundance of love sent to everyone’ s favorite morning cup.

The Top 9 Coffee Products for the Home 

Many people simply can’t function in the morning without their favorite hot or cold brew coffee. For those individuals, these top products for coffee lovers are must-have items they can’t live without.

Manual Coffee Grinder

It may seem like something that you don’t need especially with so many modern kitchen appliances that will heat up a mug of coffee for you within minutes. But coffee aficionados should have this basic kitchen tool in their homes to experience what its like to grind and brew their favorite beverage using fresh coffee beans. While you can find coffee grinders that have a contemporary look and modern features, the old-fashioned versions are easy to use, provide you with the same results, and look great in any gourmet kitchen.

French Press

The French Press, also known as a press pot or coffee press, can create flavorful coffee by allow the coffee grounds to be in direct contact with the water instead of running through a filter. When you use a French press, you get more of the essential oils and flavor from the coffee beans that you can’t get when using a traditional drip brew coffee maker. A French press can also be more portable than most coffee makers, which allows them to be transported easier for travel.

Espresso Machine

An espresso machine can help you achieve that authentic coffee shop flavor in the comfort of your own home. With gourmet style hot and cold coffee being popular these days, an espresso machine is a must-have item that will save you time and money over the years. These machines can also be used to make your favorite cappuccino.

Programmable Coffee Maker

For those who must have their cup of coffee ready for them first thing in the morning, a programmable coffee maker is a miraculous machine. These products are programmable to brew a fresh pot of coffee as much as 24-hours in advance. This allows you to have a cup of your favorite coffee as soon as your alarm goes off in the morning, all thanks to modern technology.

A Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Those who may not like drinking hot coffee may be more accustomed to the smooth and refreshing cold alternative to the morning pick-me-up. If you love cappuccinos, you can avoid standing in line at the local coffee shop and instead make your own cold brew coffee at home. These products can also make coffee that contains less acid than traditional hot coffee makers.

Milk Frother

If black coffee isn’t your thing and you love to add either hot or cold milk to your morning brew, a milk frother would make a great addition to your kitchen counter. This handy tool allows you to add the right amount of hot froth to your cup. You can even use them to create delicious cappuccinos and other drinks at home.

Bluetooth Coffee Maker

If you’re a techie who loves their coffee, then this product is for you. These coffee makers will sync with your smartphone or tablet, and allow you to start the brewing process from another room, or even while you are still in bed. Once you make your way to the kitchen, your drink will be ready and waiting for you.

Gooseneck Kettle

If you have ever tried to pour a fresh pot of coffee from a regular tea kettle, then you already know how difficult the task can be. Tea kettles have very wide spouts which can make it problematic, if not dangerous to pour coffee from. A Gooseneck kettle, however, helps you pour just the right amount into your favorite coffee mug, without the fear of burning yourself or pour coffee all over the counter in the process.

A Gourmet Coffee Subscription

If you are only limiting yourself to the coffee beans that you can buy at your local store, or instant coffee for that matter, then you are missing out on true caffeinated happiness. A gourmet coffee subscription is a great way to find out about new flavors and they can be very affordable. Most will give you the option to choose between a 6 and 12-month subscription, such as Blue Bottle, which sends customers two 12oz. bags each month.

There are millions of coffee fans all throughout the world and if you are a coffee connoisseur, then you are in good company when it comes to this tasty morning beverage. Whether you like a hot brew in the morning or a cold cappuccino for lunch, these helpful products can make creating your own brew at home much easier and your coffee more delightful.

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