The cold brew process makes smoother, less bitter, and less acidic hot or iced coffee. By steeping the grounds in cold water, the brew releases only the most aromatic flavors.

Additionally, the concentrate created from the cold brew process tends to stay fresher for longer periods of time than regular coffee.

Cold brew is for true coffee enthusiasts, and not those just trying to get their morning caffeine kick.





[amazon link=”B014HG645M” title=”Coffee Gator ” /]

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[amazon link=”B0006H0JVW” title=”Toddy Cold Brew System” /]

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[amazon link=”B00JVSVM36″ title=”OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker” /]

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[amazon link=”B076PFMRGX” title=”Bonavita 8-Cup Connoisseur Brewer” /]

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[amazon link=”B002S4DI2S” title=”Technivorm Moccamaster KBR 741” /]

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[amazon link=”B01CTIYU60″ title=”Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser with Spout” /]

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The Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers for Coffee Lovers

For those who want the best cold brew coffee maker but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, the Coffee Gator is an elegant solution. Despite the modest price tag, the Coffee Gator consistently rates among the best cold brew coffee makers among both consumers and professionals.

[amazon box=”B014HG645M”]


  • “For fans of genuine coffee flavor, this brewer’s a nailed-on savior”. Load the carafe with ground coffee and water to experience outstanding cold brew coffee from the comfort of your home.
  • Auto-brews while users sleep, allowing them to wake up to fresh cold brew-style coffee
  • BPA Free
  • Very economical
  • A top-seller from multiple online retailers
  • The glass on the unit is strong, tough borosilicate
  • Cofffee Gator firmly stands behind their product, with customer service ready to tackle and any and all issues related to the product

[amazon fields=”B014HG645M” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

In fact, the company stands behind Coffee Gator with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which covers everything sold under the Coffee Gator banner. If a customer purchases the Coffee Gator and doesn’t love it, the customer can return it within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

Moreover, the Coffee Gator includes a full 1-year warranty. Combined with the quality and the modest price, there’s a reason the unit continues to sell extremely well.

The Coffee Gator is available for purchase, along with complete product details on Amazon.


[amazon link=”B0006H0JVW” title=”2. Toddy Cold Brew System” /]

Toddy Cold Brew Systems have long been a favorite of baristas and food critics, also allow regular people to produce café-quality coffee from the comfort of their kitchen.

The Toddy Cold Brew System makes a low-acid, extremely smooth coffee concentrate that can easily be used to create coffeehouse-style iced or hot beverages.

[amazon box=”B0006H0JVW”]


  • “Coffeehouse” quality brews served hot or over ice
  • In-home unit is much less-costly than daily trips to coffee shops
  • Toddy’s patented cold brew system uses ordinary coffee bean blends to create wonderfully smooth coffee concentrate
  • Toddy Cold Brew blend contains 67% less acid than coffee made with traditional methods. Cold-brew method is gentler on sensitive stomachs
  • Requires no electricity
  • Coffee concentrate stays fresher longer (up to two weeks) thanks to cold-brew method
  • The Toddy Cold Brew System also makes excellent iced or hot tea
  • is The set includes a brewing container with handle, glass decanter with lid, 2 reusable filters, 1 rubber stopper, set of instructions, and recipe guide

[amazon fields=”B0006H0JVW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

When consumers and critics discuss which is the best cold brew coffee maker, it’s rare if the Toddy Cold Brew System isn’t among the first coffee makers mentioned.

Because the coffee produced by the Toddy Cold Brew System is concentrated, users will definitely want to dilute it. This leaves plenty of coffee to consume throughout the day or for other people. Toddy estimates that one brew makes about 32 (6 ounces) cups of coffee, depending on how strong consumers wants to drink it.

The regular Toddy Cold Brew System makes about 48 ounces of coffee concentrate, and the unit is designed to hold a pound of ground coffee and 72 ounces of water.

One of the most unique features of the product is the reusable filters. These filters not only last for 10 to 12 uses (or three months, whichever comes first) but they help trap bitter acids and oils to create a smooth cup of concentrated coffee.

The Toddy Cold Brew System is available on Amazon.


[amazon link=”B00JVSVM36″ title=”3. OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker” /]

Simple to use, the Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker offers an easy way to steep and strain grounds at room temperature. Coffee made with the Oxo Good Grips Cold Brew is consistently strong, sweet, and delicious. The unit uses both metal and paper filters for double filtration and an extra clean finish.

[amazon box=”B00JVSVM36″]


  • The OXO Good Grips uses a “Rainmaker” to distribute water uniformly across coffee grounds, optimizing the extraction of flavor
  • Simple Brew-Release switch controls filtration process with the press of a button
  • OXO Good Grips creates smooth, low-acid coffee concentrate
  • The stainless-steel mesh filter is extremely fine, easy to clean, and can be used again and again
  • Borosilicate carafe is marked with measurements to improve ease of use
  • Glass carafe works in tandem with stopper to keep refrigerated coffee fresh for days
  • Small countertop footprint, easy disassembly for cleanup and compact storage
  • 4-cup (32 ounce) capacity
  • Includes 10 paper filters
  • Lastly, the product includes the OXO Better Guarantee. Customers who have any problems with an OXO product only need to contact customer service for a repair or replacement. OXO is grateful for feedback and wants to make every customer’s experience better.

[amazon fields=”B00JVSVM36″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If you are looking for low-acid, smooth coffee within the comfort of your home, the OXO Cold Brew might be the best cold brew coffee maker to suit your needs.

The OXO Good Grips takes about 12-24 hours to complete the brewing process, producing smooth, ultra-concentrate cold brew coffee. Once the concentrate completes the brewing process, coffee lovers can use the concentrate to make iced coffee or reheat for hot coffee. They can also add milk to make lattes.

Those who prefer tea can also enjoy this product. The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker can easily make great hot or iced tea with the machine. 

The stainless-steel ultra-fine mesh filter can be removed for a quick cleanup.

The issue that prevents the OXO Good Grips from being considered the best cold brew coffee maker is the price tag. The unit costs almost double the price of many other products capable of cold-brewing, including the Coffee Gator.

The OXO Cold Brew can't brew with hot water, either. Like traditional cold brew methods, the unit requires a lengthy 12 to 24 hours of steeping time. This time frame is simply going to be too inconvenient for a lot of consumers.

Still, true coffee connoisseurs will likely see the value in the OXO Good Grips, as the unit does produce tremendous coffee concentrate.

The OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker is available for $50-$60, depending on the source, with an MSRP of $49.95.


[amazon link=”B076PFMRGX” title=”4. Bonavita 8-Cup Connoisseur Brewer” /]

If cost is no consideration, the Bonavita 8-Cup Connoisseur is among the best cold brew coffee makers available to consumers.

[amazon box=”B076PFMRGX”]


  • Effcient, sleek body design
  • One-touch brewing for ease of use
  • Makes an 8-cup carafe in about 6 minutes with potent, precise 1500-watt heater
  • Maintains an optimal brewing temperature (generally around 195 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Offers “pre-infusion mode” to approximate artisan pour-over brew method. By pausing the water flow, coffee grounds come to full maturity and flavor is optimized
  • Showerhead design ensures that coffee grounds are evenly coated
  • Flavor is extracted uniformly thanks to hanging flat bottom filter basket and showerhead system
  • Every component that touches coffee (carafe lid, filter basket, and showerhead) utilize BPA-free plastic and are safe to use in the dishwaster
  • 1.3L stainless steel thermal carafe keeps coffee piping hot

[amazon fields=”B076PFMRGX” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Bonavita Connoisseur can create an outstanding pot of coffee – this is almost beyond dispute. The unit is compact, easy to use, and has relatively few parts to clean. The unit’s thermal carafe keeps contents hot for hours.

The key component on the Connoisseur is the heating mechanism. The enhanced heater is capable of quickly reaching and maintaining an ideal coffee brewing temperature. This leads to better flavor and faster brewing, only taking about 6 minutes to brew an 8-cup carafe.

As Bonavita writes, “our goal at Bonavita is to build tools that help you brew great coffee every day, whether it's a busy Monday morning or a lazy Sunday.” The Connoisseur creates café-quality coffee in a matter of minutes, making it a high-value purchase for those who crave superb cold brew coffee.

The question is how much the consumer wants to spend on a cold brew coffee maker. The Bonavita Connosieur can range from $100-$150 or more, which puts it in a tier below the Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 741, but way above quality cold brew coffee makers like the Coffee Gator or the Toddy Cold Brew system.

Based on user and critical reviews, if cost isn’t a factor, it will be hard to find a better cold brew coffee maker than the Bonavita 8-Cup Connoisseur.


[amazon link=”B002S4DI2S” title=”5. Technivorm Moccamaster KBR 741” /]

The Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 741 brews excellent, sometimes outstanding pots of drip coffee. It also produces a large quantity, yielding up to 10 cups at a time. In addition to being very attractively designed, the unit also keeps coffee piping hot for up to six hours.

[amazon box=”B002S4DI2S”]


  • Moccamaster can brews a full 32-ounce pot of coffee in just 6 minutes
  • Drip-stop brew-basket can be adjusted manually
  • Glass carafe
  • Made by hand in the Netherlands
  • Product includes a 5-year manufacturer warranty

[amazon fields=”B002S4DI2S” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If the Bonavita Connoisseur is in an elite spending tier, the Technivorm Moccamaster is a super-elite class, as the unit has an MSRP of $299.00. This price tag is going to squeeze out all but the most dedicated java enthusiasts.

But much like the Connoisseur, there is no denying the quality of the Moccamaster’s coffee. Words like “artistic” and “spectacular” are regularly used to describe the coffee quality.

If you are looking for the absolute best cold brew coffee maker available for 2018, you will be hard-pressed to find one superior to the Technivorm Moccamaster. It could be considered the Maserati of cold brew coffee makers. It is luxury-class, and accordingly, so is the price.

For many consumers, cost is a factor, limiting the Moccamaster’s market.


[amazon link=”B01CTIYU60″ title=”6. Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser with Spout” /]

Per the company, “Change up your daily grind” with the Airtight Cold Brew Iced Pitcher. The Cool Beans Pitcher makes cold-brew iced coffee that’s less acidic and smoother in taste than hot-brewed coffee.

[amazon box=”B01CTIYU60″]


  • Airtight Cold Brew creates iced coffee when you want it
  • Produces reduced-acid coffee concentrate
  • Coffee maker features 34-ounce capacity glass pitcher and no-spill lid 
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Airtight lid keeps coffee concentrate wonderfully fresh for up to two weeks’ time
  • Fine-mesh cold brew filter can be reused again and again
  • Unit is BPA-free and safe for dishwasher use

[amazon fields=”B01CTIYU60″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser is a popular, inexpensive option for those seeking a very good cold brew coffee maker but not wishing to invest significantly.

The strength of the Vremi unit lies in versatility and ease of use. The product design is extremely simple, which makes the brew and clean-up process much less of a chore compared to more elaborate cold brew coffee makers.

However, the simplicity and versatility are also drawbacks, as users seemed to think that the Vremi Cold Brew maker simply didn’t make as good of a cup of coffee.

Still, those who prioritize convenience and expense will likely get a lot of value out of the product. Given that the unit costs a fraction of what some cold brew coffee makers can cost – and 10 times less than the Technivorm Moccamaster – it likely has a lot of appeal to more casual coffee drinkers.


Your Cold Brew Coffee Maker Is Ready

We hope that this article will help you find the best cold brew coffee maker for you and your household. While all of these products are well-reviewed and popular, cost and brew speed will be the determining factors in helping you choose between them.

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