Top 3 Best Drip Coffee Makers

Looking for the best drip coffee maker? Then look no further! As coffee enthusiasts, we had to test out some of the best drip coffee makers available on the market, and these picks are what we came up with.

Testing the Best Drip Coffee Maker

Drip Coffee is a great, simple way to get that perfect cup of joe in the morning. It’s also relatively simple, and one of most time-tested ways of doing so. Out of all of our tests, these are the three best drip coffee makers that we came across – check them out.

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The first of our drip coffee makers is the Barista Brain series, and this is a 9-cup thermal carafe brewer. One of the main features of this machine is that you can actually go and set the time on the machine, enabling it to come on in the morning.

This is amazing, as you can have it ready with the water and coffee in there, and it’ll come on and brew coffee for you. It'll do nine cups, too. OXO don't suggest going below two, so two to nine cups is great, and there's a setting in there for that.

We went for five to nine, because we wanted to do seven, but you could take it to two to four. From what we could tell, that probably changes just a little bit about how it brews. Conical or not conical – it’s not a grinder.

It's got a regular cone, as what we were getting was that cone filter shape. OXO have found, as well some of the other manufacturers have too, is that the cone works better for smaller volumes than the flat bottom filter.

Under here if it’s in place and you take it out, the valve shuts off, stopping the brew. You’ll end up with a premature a cup of coffee and if it trips – it goes down and then back into the pot. It has a screen too, which comes off so you can clean it.

Each of the troughs disperses the water down into holes, which disperses it over the coffee evenly. We learnt this first-hand – like we said, we had it set for seven cups. Firstly, as you might imagine, we went up to seven on the grinder. This is a Barista Brain Grinder and we've got to set about a drip setting – OXO recommend 8 grams for every cup of coffee, so that's what it is pre-programmed for.

Push the button and you’ll be able to see it begins brewing. We timed it to see how long it takes, which we did, before coming back for the taste test.

What we noticed was that as it was brewing, it percolates the water for a little while, sends it over to the shore arm, and then pauses. Then it does more, then pauses again. A very interesting brewing system. So, does that make a difference?

As we said, we timed the brew – and it came out at about 6-7 minutes for seven cups, which isn’t too bad. The other thing we have to mention about this machine is as you can see both stainless steel and plastic – a nice, classy mixture. It looks good in general on the countertop. It’s also SCEA approved, so what that means is that it brews at the proper temperature, for which parameters are 195 to 205 degrees.

Our brew was within that parameter, which is very important to get the correct taste of any brewed coffee or espresso, whether it was simply poured over or not; it’s very important.

After it’d finished brewing, we found that it poured very evenly. We also found that it hadn’t totally shut itself off under the valve. The coffee tasted really good, by the way! It did however, seem a to be a hotter cup of coffee than we were used to, compared to some of the other machines that we use regularly. What we were fond of especially was the programmability of it, so that you can have it come on in the morning.

We also tried cleaning this out, and then put some water in it. After doing so, it didn't dribble, so we realized there was probably some ground coffee caught in there. All-in-all, a pretty solid machine. Great flavor, and easy to use.

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So we decided next to take a look at the Bonavita BV1900TS Coffee Maker. Now, Bonavita has been making waves in the coffee world of late, and for good reason. The BV1900TS is classy, well designed and, most importantly, it makes great coffee - coffee that can easily rival much more expensive coffee makers.

The first thing you notice about the BV1900TS is its design - it's really quite well-built. It's got a simple, industrial design, but it doesn't offer all of these flashy features that you might find on some other coffeemakers, such as an LED display or any big flashing lights, apart from the one in the power switch.

In the box you’ll find a slew of accessories. You'll get the coffeemaker itself, with a built-in water tank, as well as a showerhead-style lid. You also get a plastic coffee filter basket, a lid for the carafe and a bunch of filters to get you started off.

Now the carafe is very well designed. It’s a thermal carafe, meaning that it’ll keep your coffee hot for hours at a time. During our tests, it was able to keep it hot for over four hours, which is quite astounding and really good for people who don't expect to be drinking a whole pot of coffee at once.

In general, it's a really nice-looking coffee maker and while it is basic, it should fit in most kitchens thanks to its modern and industrial design.

It's not overly big either. It's about less than a foot tall and it's 10 inches wide, so it should be able to fit in most kitchens pretty easily.

Now, it doesn't just look simple – it's easy to use too. All you really have to do is open the lid, add water, add coffee grounds to the basket with the filter, position the filter and the basket and the carafe correctly under the coffeemaker itself, and you're good to go.

Once it's done, it'll simply switch off.

Now, the basic operation means basic cleaning too. The only thing that really needs to be hand-cleaned is the filter basket, and it’s dishwasher-friendly, so you don't even have to hand clean it.

The Bonavita BV1900TS has one feature that many others don't - the ability to pre-infuse coffee before the brewing cycle. Now pre-infusing is basically a sophisticated way of saying that it'll soak the coffee grounds, but the results speak for themselves. To pre-infuse the coffee, simply hold down the on-off switch for 5 seconds and the light will start blinking.

According to Bonavita, the result is that the coffee will be a lot less acidic than non-pre-infused coffee. The entire brewing process is also pretty quick.

Normally it only takes around five minutes, which is pretty quick compared to other competitors on the market. The coffee also gets super-hot, which is really helpful for those who might not drink everything at once. But how does it taste? We can attest to the fact that the flavor was great, all thanks to the pre-infusion technology.

The Bonavita BV1900TS may not look all that flashy, but it's really a great coffee maker. It features a sleek design, which comes with everything that you’ll need, and it comes at a great price. In fact, in our opinion, it matches coffeemakers that are much more expensive.

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Finally, the Technivorm Moccamaster. Some of you might know it as a club line - this is the model KBT-741, which is the thermal carafe model.

The first reason we like it is its nice retro styling. This is actually the same styling that they've been using with this machine since they started making it in the 60s; the very same solid design still made in the Netherlands. Simply put, it’s just a solid, good-looking machine.

Looking at the parts, we've got a coarse coffee carafe that keeps it nice and warm. You've got two lids that come with this carafe.

Now, the original lid that always comes with it just screws on. You can brew right into the carafe and then just screw this on afterwards. This will keep it nice and airtight, helping to keep it hot.

A lot of people really wanted a brew through lid, where you could actually brew into the lid, so they came out with this a couple of years ago, and this is the lid as a result.

It's got a hole down the center, so you can put this in and brew right into the center. Now, the one downside of that is it doesn't keep it quite as hot, because it does have a hole in the middle of it. After putting it together, you've got your showerhead.

You'll see that there’s a nice pattern on the showerhead – this is one of the reasons this makes such good coffee. After putting in your water, you’ve got your lid ready. Now the plastic reservoir is the only place where water touches plastic.

Once the water starts getting heated up, it's never passing through plastic parts - not passing through plastic, rubber tubing or anything else. We know this is really important for a lot of people - you definitely don’t want that super hot water touching any plastic parts. It's going to pass only through glass and through copper.

Your brew basket doesn't have a traditional pause and serve, like you might find on some other auto-drips.

You can, however, just turn it up to a full brew. There is also a little bit of slower brew if you really want to maximize the aroma, and then you pause and serve just all the way down and it won’t drip out of the bottom.

We decided to use the brew through lid. You just have to place it in there and stick this on the top to brew. There's also a little safety switch in place – you can turn it with a white button on the side. In order to brew, you need to make sure that your carafe is in place, because you don't want to forget to put the carafe in there and brew all over your counter!

After that, you simply turn it on. We have to say, it makes one of the best cups of coffee we've ever tasted. If you’re still undecided, seriously think about grabbing yourself one of these!

Best Drip Coffee Maker

So, Which of These Are the Best Drip Coffee Maker?

All of the models above are great drip coffee makers, and it was really hard for us to decide between them. In fact, we thought that would be a decision better left to you! Take a look at these if you can and let us know which one you decided to go for.

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