Barrington Coffee Roasting distributes the El Peñon Nicaragua coffee, which is grown by Finca La Bastilla.

A green coffee farm, Finca La Bastilla is growing exciting and environmentally friendly coffees.

This light roast out of Jinotega, Nicaragua, is a pleasantly vibrant coffee that is receiving exciting reviews.

The best Nicaraguan coffee available right now, you will find this roast to be structured and focused with clear tones.


About El Peñon Nicaragua Coffee

El Peñon Nicaragua is grown by Markus Fischer, who owns and manages Finca La Bastilla. This coffee marks the first time Fischer has partnered with Barrington Coffee Roasting.

The farm can be found in northwest Nicaragua, near Honduras. The light roast El Peñon comes from environmentally friendly growing practices, which is particularly important in Central America.

Fischer promotes an ecological approach to growing coffee – a crop that can be notoriously difficult. As a result, Fischer chooses to leave half of Finca La Bastilla’s acreage unfarmed. Using half the farmland to grow coffee, he leaves the other half as Natural Reserve Cerro Datanlí.

Finca La Bastilla is widely rewarded for environmentally conscious growing practices. The Rainforest Alliance has even certified the El Peñon roast at origin due to the excellent farming choices made by Fischer.

Coffee Review awarded this Nicaraguan roast 94 points, which makes the Peñon roast the highest scoring Nicaraguan coffee in 2017.


How It Tastes Like

According to Coffee Review, this roast is vibrant, sweet, and clear. You will discover tastes of cacao, ginger, sandalwood, and sugar cane. In the front of these tastes, you find spicy floral notes, while the finishing notes are heavy with cocoa flavors. Described as “intensely aromatic, deeply and richly sweet,” you may find a new favorite in this roast.

The sweet aroma and flavor of this coffee comes from other hints of fruity flavors. Barrington Coffee Roasting describes the flavor as having tastes of grapefruit, wild strawberry, cedar, and cacao.

Note that because this is a coffee from Barrington Coffee, you are getting the flavor of the bean – and not just the roast.

This bean is processed through the “washed” method, which means the coffee beans dry without the cherry skins they grow in. El Peñon is made exclusively from the Red Catuai Arabica variety of coffee.

Tried this coffee and just can’t get enough? Visit Nicaragua, where Fischer rents rooms from La Bastilla Ecolodge. You can sleep right next to the trees that grow this very coffee bean!


About Barrington Coffee Roasting

Since 1993, Barrington Coffee Roasting has been providing the finest and most exciting coffees from around the world.

Founders Greg Charbonneau and Barth Anderson met in college, and since then, they have been partnering with sustainable coffee growers every day.

This roaster’s mission is to bring you the world’s best coffee beans, roasted to bring out their inherent flavors – not overwhelm them. You will always find quality cups of coffee from this duo.

Barrington Coffee is constantly seeking out coffee farms that value effort and care in coffee production, which helps them create the best coffee. This pair of coffee lovers also believes wholeheartedly that direct support of quality producers helps build economic stability and environmentally friendly growing.

Barrington Coffee Roasting is a strong supporter of sustainable and equitable coffee production. The roaster takes care to make sure that all of its coffees are not hurting the environment – and some, like Finca La Bastilla – even help protect the environment.

The success of Barrington Coffee Roasting demonstrates that coffee growing does not have to be quickly manufactured. By taking delicate care to roast coffee beans well, this coffee roaster is showing the world what a difference care and effort can make.

You can order El Peñon Nicaragua from the Barrington Coffee Roasting website, along with many of the roaster’s other delightful coffees.


More Coffees from Barrington Coffee Roasting

Don’t feel like you need to get a light roast from Nicaragua if you’re feeling a craving for something else. Barrington Coffee Roasting offers many additional coffees – including a second selection from Finca Las Bastillas.

Though this is the first year that Barrington Coffee has Finca Las Bastillas’ coffees on menu, they loved it so much that they added two coffees. The second is El Buey, a Yellow Catuai coffee varietal. This roast is rich and fruity with great balance.

Another exceptional choice from Barrington Coffee is the Kenya Gathugu. A medium-light roast, this coffee achieved a score of 95 from Coffee Review back in 2016. Sweet and savory, you’ll enjoy the long finish with cocoa flavors.

There’s a whole world of coffee out there. Embrace adventure by trying out some new roasts!

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