Coffee aficionados know that freshly ground beans beat out pre-ground beans every time, which is why grind and brew coffee makers are gaining popularity. Instead of having two separate units for grinding and brewing, a grind and brew maker is two in one.

They save space, time, and mental energy, as you don’t need to find the room for two separate machines and you don’t need to remember the extra steps to transfer and clean materials. Does this sound like a lazy excuse? Maybe, but anything that can make waking up early a little bit easier on our poor, sleep-addled minds is worth taking advantage of.

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Wake up to the welcoming smells of freshly ground coffee and then sip it down, bathed in the aroma as your body yawns into the new day. If you have to wake up, make it all worth it.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Our 1- to 5-star ratings were determined by price, ease of use, coffee quality, and cleanup.

Time is a big factor in our lives, especially in the morning when we’re tired and trying to get ready. Ease of use and cleanup both affect the time required to make a cup of coffee with any coffee maker, with the current focus on the selected grind and brews.

Naturally, coffee quality is also important, considering the whole reason you’re searching for a coffee maker is to make good coffee. A unit’s available features come into play under this category.

As for price, the selections are mostly mid-range with a few cheaper options, along with one amazing machine with an outrageous price.

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Top 10 Best Grind and Brew Coffee Makers

Get ready to check out our favorite grind and brew coffee makers:

1. Breville 6DC650BSS Grind Control

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker

The Breville Grind Control wins our top spot for being an excellent performer with good all-around specs at a mid-range price and plenty of options to make your coffee just how you like it for the best customizability.

With the programmable auto-start function, you can set up your machine to grind and brew just in time for your alarm to wake you up, going straight from your cozy blankets to holding a cup of your favorite morning medicine in your hands without the wait.

Your choice of eight different strength settings will change the coffee-to-water ratio, so your whole family can adjust the grind and brew to the coffee strength right for them. If you all prefer your coffee at the same strength level, then you can take advantage of carafe mode, which will brew from 2-12 cups at once.

Do your family members pride themselves on being individuals? That’s fine, too – this grind and brew’s single cup mode has seven different fill sizes to choose from for those who like to add different amounts of milk, sugar, creamer, or half-and-half to their mugs. If you need to fill up a travel mug to get you through your morning commute, just slip out the machine’s drip tray for a 7.5’’ height clearance.

This coffee maker offers six different grind settings – grind setting 3 will usually be your go-to, but if you need to adjust for quality, age, roast, or where the coffee bean is from, the Grind Control’s got you covered. Want to use your favorite pre-ground coffee every once in a while? No problem, you can disable the grinder when you don’t need it.

The main drawback is the cleaning maintenance required – you’ll need to make sure to keep up a regular cleaning schedule so your Grind Control doesn’t clog up and continues to make your coffee strong and flavorful.

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2. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super Automatic

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic

The Delonghi Magnifica is a compact, pretty-looking automatic espresso machine that’d be a dream addition to your home.

The DeLonghi is absolutely worth the price with all of its features and how stunningly easy it is to clean, especially compared to other coffee machines. It has an auto-descaling indicator and comes apart easily to make cleaning less of a hassle.

Our favorite part is its Cappuccino System – an included manual frother that’ll mix steam and milk for a rich creamy foam just like you’d enjoy in a café’s cappuccino or latte. You can also customize your espresso settings and the automatic system will remember your preferences for next time. Adjust the strength, grind, and liquid amount for your ideal cup.

The Magnifica will grind your beans or take pre-ground coffee, has a warming cup tray and Instant Reheat setting for when you need a minute before you can relax with your drink, and will provide you with great results quickly and consistently.

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3. Breville BES870XL Barista Express

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso

If you love espresso, you’ll love the Breville Barista Express. It’s available on Amazon and the features are worth it for the sheer quality of your espresso.

It comes in gorgeous-looking black, red, or stainless-steel options. Accessories include a cleaning kit, filter baskets, a stainless-steel milk jug, precision razor dose trimming tool, water filter hold plus filter, and more.

It’s semi-automated, so you can set up your perfectly customized single- or double-shot espresso with controls for grind dosage, grind fineness, water temperature, and tamp pressure. This also means it takes a bit of skill to operate, so beginners might be a little daunted by the Barista Express.

The Purge Function is notable, as it’ll automatically adjust the water temperature post-steaming to draw out the maximum coffee flavor during extraction.

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4. Black & Decker CM5000B Mill and Brew Coffeemaker

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffeemaker

For an affordable price, you can get the Black & Decker Mill and Brew with many of the same customizable features as more expensive machines but far cheaper. It comes in red, white, black, and silver with a permanent filter you can wash out in the sink.

You can use pre-ground or fresh coffee beans, adjust brew strength and time, and set the auto-brew feature to have your coffee ready and waiting just as you wake up. Be sure to consume your coffee soon after it’s made for the best flavor and experience – it has no additional heating mechanisms to keep your coffee fresh and warm very long after it’s brewed.

The Mill and Brew will make you a pot of 12 cups o’ joe, with a lovely sneak-a-cup option which temporarily stops the flow of coffee so you can snag your first cup in the morning without waiting for the whole pot to brew.

If you’re a fast-paced individual who loves coffee but doesn’t need to control everything to enjoy their brew, this budget option will put a smile on your face.

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5. Gourmia GCM4700 Coffee Maker

Gourmia GCM470 Coffee Maker

The Gourmia Coffee Maker is a sleek, compact, and well-priced little grind and brew. You can get a good cup of coffee from an affordable and easy-to-use machine.

Using pre-ground or freshly ground beans, you can set your Gourmia to brew ahead of time to have coffee ready in the morning, with a hot plate to keep your coffee nice and hot up to 30 minutes after it’s made without a scorched flavor as a consequence. It’ll brew you up to 10 cups of caffeinated goodness.

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6. Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS

Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker

The Capresso is another solid grind and brew choice with a stainless-steel thermal carafe to keep your delicious coffee nice and hot. There are three different coffee strengths, five different brew sizes, and five different grind settings from coarse to fine.

You can program it to start brewing whenever you need it to, and it has a charcoal water filter for 80% impurity filtration. It can make up to 10 cups of coffee and has a brew-pause option for when you need to sneak a cup before the whole pot is ready.

Downsides: the grinding process is long and loud, and reviewers say the bean container is small and needs frequent refills.

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7. Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind and Brew

Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Thermal

The Cuisinart Grind and Brew is a great all-around automatic with a good amount of options, but it’s notoriously difficult to clean (and a cleaning kit isn’t provided).

It’s programmable for people who want their coffee ready to drink upon waking up, easy to use, and has a 12-cup thermal carafe but no hot plate. It has a charcoal water filter, three coffee strength options, and you can fine-tune the grind and volume further to your liking.

Overall, it’s a solid coffee maker, but there are better-quality ones available with more features for cheaper. You’ll find it for about $150.

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8. Hamilton Beach 49989 Grind and Brew

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach is a good call if you only drink a couple of cups a day and don’t have other people in your household to make large pots for. Make one cup, two cups, or one cup with double the content with the two coffee streams of this grind and brew.

You can use pre-ground or fresh beans for fresh and flavorful coffee in this easy-to-operate, automatic self-rinsing machine for an affordable price.

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9. KRUPS EA8298

KRUPS EA8298 Cappuccino Bar

The KRUPS is attractive, compact, and automatic – expensive, but quality and stylish.

Along with the typical great features of a grind and brew, the KRUPS has a hydraulic tamping system and 15-bar high-pressure pump for professional aroma and flavor quality. It has a steam nozzle, integrated milk container for froth, and Thermoblock technology for fast and consistent heating. It also has a removable drip tray to fit normal and travel-sized mugs.

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10. Miele CM6310

CM6350 Countertop Coffee System

Is coffee your entire life?

If so, buy the Miele CM6310. You won’t regret it – it’s phenomenal.

It can pretty much make any coffee you want it to, gourmet specialties included. It can make two drinks at once, or double portions of espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, or café latte selections. There’s even a menu you can look through for more options aside from these main ones – you can adjust the flavor and makeup of everything.

It’ll even separately dispense hot milk, milk froth, and hot water. It’s quiet and fully automated. You can adjust the dispenser height or remove the drip tray to fit any cup you need it to. The controls are convenient and intuitive, and the Miele can store up to four user profiles to remember your personal preferences. The machine is easy to clean with automatic rinse and cleaning programs, as well as easily removable and dishwasher-safe parts.

However, if you wouldn’t go so far as to die for the perfect brew, you’ll probably have to pass on this luxurious machine.

This is definitely one of those “if I won the lottery” kind of products because there aren’t many average people who could afford to pay this much for a coffee maker. It’s like one of those moments in the mall when you check a dress’ price tag, gasp, and physically have to take a step back because you didn’t realize you’d left the clearance section and you’re afraid to even touch the fabric again.

Even if someone was truly dedicated enough to their morning pick-me-up to seriously consider the Miele without immediately scoffing, it’s still quite a large sum of money to spend on anything, coffee maker or no.

Although its features are 5/5, that wild price drops it to:

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Buyer’s Guide

How much time in the morning do you have to make coffee? If you don’t have a lot, you’ll want something that gets you your coffee quick without much interference. You’ll also want to avoid anything that requires immediate cleanup – get a grind and brew that you can let sit for a while so you can get going. You’ll have time to clean it later.

Without your morning coffee, are you a functioning person? Because anything requiring multiple steps might be too daunting for you to face without the proper energy. You should go with an easy-to-use machine so you can get your brew in your belly and wake up. Be willing to sacrifice easy cleanup – you’ll be more capable of handling that once you’re awake, anyway. It’s better than having to do the hard work when you still can’t even keep your eyes open.

Are you obsessed with coffee quality? Then you’ll want to pick a grind and brew that gives you a bit of manual control over your cup o’ joe – think something semi-automatic so you can add your personal touch.

In any case, as long as you know your coffee habits and remember your budget, you’ll end up with a great grind and brew coffee maker to brighten up every day.

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