I hate running late. It gets me in a panic and I lose focus. More than that, it makes me lose the golden moment I cherish every day – sitting down with a cup of coffee and getting lost in the taste, aroma, and the moment.

But I’m in a hurry and I have to forego my ritual. Right?

Not anymore, thanks to a wonderful day saving (and sanity-saving) device called the “Handpresso”.

Handpresso? What on Earth is That?

Handpresso is a portable espresso maker designed and made in France. Where else but in Europe can you get any good thing coffee related?  Handpresso SARL, the French company responsible for these ingenious portable espresso machines is an award-winning company, meaning when you buy any of their Handpresso devices, you’re buying a winner.

Some of the award-winning products made by this French company are the:

  • Handpresso WILDE ESE
  • Handpresso Auto

Let’s take a closer look at them, shall we? After all, a proper Handpresso review will help you make the right decision (of buying yourself one).

The Handresso WILDE – Pleasure in the Wilderness

The Handpresso WILDE is a portable espresso machine designed for hikers and campers. This nifty device produces your favorite beverage from a device that looks like a small bicycle pump (it also works like a bicycle pump in that you pump it in the same way to build up pressure). It’s also so small it won’t add unnecessary weight to your already heavy camping or hiking gear.

The Handpresso Wild works by pumping the Handpresso unit up to 16 bar pressure – don’t worry, there is a gauge to help. Add your coffee pod. The Wilde supports Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods and the Handpresso Domepod (a ground coffee case where you can place and tamp your ground coffee). From your kettle or thermos, pour hot water into the 50 ml reservoir and close. Finally, press the release button and out comes your delicious shot of espresso.

The Handpresso Auto – Espresso to Go

The Handpresso Auto is a device every coffee lover should have in their arsenal of coffee machines. If you’re a coffee fanatic who can’t solve the problem of espresso VS coffee (ground coffee that is), don’t sweat it. The Auto brews both pods and ground coffee (not at the same time though).The design of the portable coffee machine is so futuristic it can even double as a decoration in your car – it’s that cool.

Brewing a shot of espresso is fast and simple with the Handpresso Auto. Fill the reservoir with water. Handpresso recommends bottled or filtered water as the impurities in tap water can ruin the quality of your coffee. If you are using ground coffee, tamp it down into the Domepod. Place your Domepode or ESE pod into the Auto machine and then simply turn and lock the lid in place. Now you are set to power up your espresso maker and draw out that tasty black shot of espresso to give you your shot of motivation for the day.

The Handpresso Auto uses electricity from your car. Plug the 12-Volt power cord into your cigarette lighter and press the power button on the coffee machine. A whirring sound will announce that the portable espresso maker is on, working, and brewing. The temperature gauge will rise until it reaches approximately 200 °F. The Auto will beep 3 times to let you know when it is done. The whole process takes, wait for it… a whopping 1 minute. Now, that’s express Espresso on the go.

After the 3 beeps, unplug the Auto, turn it over, hold it over your cup, and press the release button. Out comes your steaming shot of espresso. No coffee shop, no barista, but the same quality.

Handpresso Vs Minipresso – Battle of the Portable Espresso Makers

The niche of portable espressos is rapidly getting populated with many other manufacturers joining the race to make the best portable espresso maker for people on the go. One of the strong contenders is the Minipresso GR from WACACO.

The Minipresso is a very portable unit. Unlike the Handpresso, the Minipresso does not support pods. Instead, it’s a “mini tamped-espresso” machine.

The Minipresso GR is a simple and intuitive device to operate. All you have to do to get that perfect shot is add ground coffee to the filter basket. The Minipresso comes with an integrated scoop to help you measure your grounds. Tamp your ground coffee down and pour hot water into the water tank. Finally, unlock the piston from its travel position and pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract your espresso.

So which is better between Handpresso and Minipresso? Both have their strong points and weak points. It will finally boil down to what you prefer most in your espresso. The Handpresso wins on taste while the Minipresso tops on crema. Your choice.

Uncomplicate Your Mornings

Espresso need not be complicated. This is why the Handpresso is an ingenious invention in my opinion. It has uncomplicated my morning ritual, giving me more time for, well, to enjoy another shot.

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