Coffee in Vietnam has roots in French coffee, but the Vietnamese added their own spin to the beverage. The Vietnamese make their sweet ca phe using ingredients that most Western cafes wouldn’t think to add to our strong, bitter coffees.

Vietnamese coffee can be as simple or complicated as you make it. Most recipes are easy to make and quick, unlike making espresso at home.

Through this Vietnamese iced coffee recipe, learn how to make sweet coffee – a delectable sweet drink many enjoy around the world.

With a little practice, you can quickly learn how to make this drink as well as any Vietnamese coffee shop.


Making Vietnamese Coffee

Ca phe can be made with a variety of sweetening options. Most of these options came to be as a result of difficulties finding milk, a staple that many could not afford.

Some in a Vietnam café would make this drink with an egg yolk, whipped with condensed milk. This drink came to be known as a Vietnamese take on tiramisu.

Others use yogurt, also brought to Vietnam by the French colonialism. Add a drizzle of black coffee on top of yogurt, stir, and this drink is ready to serve.

In Vietnam, you can even find coffee smoothies. Some juice shops in the U.S. make these, but the trend arguably began in Vietnam.

In northern Hanoi, coffee is blended with banana and avocado for a sweet, creamy smoothie. Southern Ho Chi Minh City prefers to make coffee smoothies with tropical fruit like the sapodilla – giving their smoothies a custard taste. Get some vitamins with your caffeine when you choose a coffee smoothie.

Vietnamese iced coffee is the most common way to prepare coffee in Vietnam.

For a simple Vietnamese iced coffee, you want to pick up some sweetened condensed milk. If you have that sweetener and coffee grounds, this recipe is already sitting in your cupboards at home.


Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe

This recipe is best on a hot summer afternoon, served as a treat for guests. Introduce them to an exciting way to enjoy coffee that will get you your caffeine boost and satisfy your sweet tooth.


Vietnamese Iced Coffee Ingredients

To enjoy this treat, you will need four cups of water, a half cup of dark roast ground coffee beans, another half cup of sweetened condensed milk, and ice. All of these ingredients can be found in your home on a regular basis, or they can be very easily found in the grocery store for a very low price.


Directions for Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Start making sweet coffee by brewing coffee grounds in your typical method. Once it is brewed, pour the coffee into four coffee cups. Into each of these cups, spoon two tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk into the cups. Stir the milk into coffee to dissolve fully.

Have fun with your presentation if you serve this drink to guests. You can help them learn a way to enjoy their favorite caffeinated beverage. Give each of your guests a long-handled spoon, cup of coffee, and a tall glass with ice cubes.

Let your guests pour their hot coffee over ice and instruct them to stir quickly. Let the coffee cool over ice before enjoying. If your guests have never had Vietnamese iced coffee before, they will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of preparing this recipe.

In just ten minutes, you will have created a drink that your guests will remember for a long time.

On those hot summer afternoons, they can make this drink and imagine they are in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. But you can enjoy this drink any time of the year, whether there is snow outside or the sun is making you melt.


Experience Vietnam’s Coffee Shops at Home

Turn your home into a Vietnamese café for your friends this summer.

Serve them this Vietnamese iced coffee recipe, or start experimenting with the other ways you can make coffee in Vietnam. Each of these recipes has a unique flavor that can surprise and please any guest.

In just a few minutes, you can break up your normal (maybe slightly boring) coffee routine. Throw in some new flavors, like this sweet recipe, to shake up your drip coffee go-to or your homemade espresso.

If you would have never thought to add egg yolk or sweetened condensed milk to your coffee, you can thank the Vietnamese for opening that door. Plus, if you ever find yourself in Vietnam, you’ll know how to order one like a local.

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