If you’re anywhere on social media, you’ve probably seen this drink before, and you’re wondering how to make whipped coffee at home.

Wonder no more! It’s actually very easy to throw together, and you can enjoy it warm or chilled. But before we delve into the actual recipe, what is whipped coffee?

What Is Whipped Coffee?

Whipped coffee, also known as dalgona coffee, is exactly what it sounds like. Whipped coffee is a Korean coffee beverage that has been circulating for a while and gained a lot of popularity.

This cute little drink is a glass of iced milk with fluffy coffee plopped on top.

It’s a relatively new drink, which has been made mainstream over the 2020 quarantine. It’s even been nicknamed “Quarantine coffee.”

Ingredients and Equipment

If that sounds good to you, great! Grab your ingredients and such so you can get started.

To make whipped coffee, you’ll need hot water, instant coffee powder, sugar, ice, and milk. As for dishes and equipment, you’ll want to grab a bowl, a spoon, a mug or glass to drink from, and either a hand whisk or electric mixer.

Once you have everything, you can get cooking and learn how to make whipped coffee at home!

How to Make Whipped Coffee at Home

It’s time to get to the main event: the actual recipe!

Take two tablespoons of hot water, sugar, and the instant coffee powder, placing it all in a bowl.

Take either your electric or hand whisk, and beat the mixture until it’s light and fluffy. We recommend an electric mixer unless you’re looking to get an arm workout in!

Once your mix is fluffy, spoon your desired amount over a cup of milk and ice. Stir your whipped coffee into that, and enjoy.

It takes less than 15 minutes to make and is completely worth it!

How to make vegan whipped coffee

If you’re vegan but still want to give whipped coffee a try, don’t despair!

Making vegan whipped coffee is just as easy as making non-vegan whipped coffee.

You’ll need either almond, coconut, or oak milk, instant coffee, boiling water, and vegan granulated sugar. As for your gear, you need the same as the previous recipe.

Place 1/4 cup of instant coffee and 3 tablespoons of vegan sugar in a bowl, and mix. Then pour in 1/4 cup of boiling water, and whisk it all together until it’s thick and fluffy.

Once your fluff is finished, pour yourself a glass of milk and place a dollop of your whipped coffee on top.

Then simply mix it and enjoy!

Are There Any Other Whipped Coffee Flavors?

Yes! There are quite a few different whipped coffee flavors you can give a try.

Some of the most popular are honey vanilla, black forest, and chocolate hazelnut!

It’s easy to learn how to make whipped coffee at home in just about any flavor you dream up. You can even change the recipes around to make them vegan if that’s your thing.

Keep in mind that the equipment you need will remain the same throughout all the different recipes.

Let’s start with an easy one: honey vanilla.

Honey vanilla

Take two tablespoons of honey and an equal part of instant coffee, and put them together in a bowl. Mix them and add two tablespoons of hot water. Whip it all together.

Once it’s light and fluffy, take a glass and fill it with the milk of your choosing, ice, and half a teaspoon of vanilla.

You can also skip the ice and serve it hot, too!

Black forest

If you’re crazy for chocolate and cherries, this is just the drink for you.

Take two or three tablespoons of hot chocolate mix (about a single packet) and 1/4 cup of steamed milk and mix. Once the hot chocolate dissolves, add a pump of cherry syrup.

Take your mixture, add it to your main milk, and top with the original whipped coffee recipe.

If you want, you can even drizzle your drink with chocolate syrup and a maraschino cherry!

Chocolate hazelnut

For a chocolate and hazelnut delight, take a tablespoon or two of Nutella, and add it to the original whipped coffee recipe.

Add the Nutella to your sugar and instant coffee, and whip everything together with hot water.

Then, add the whipped coffee to either hot or cold milk, mix, and enjoy!

If you want to add even more delicious goodness to your drink, you can top it with extra Nutella and chopped hazelnuts if you have them.


Calling all Potterheads! No matter what your house is, you’ll absolutely love this butterbeer whipped coffee. You’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into Hogsmeade.

Take two tablespoons of brown sugar, an equal part of instant coffee, and mix them together. Whip everything in your bowl with two tablespoons of hot water until fluffy.

Then in a separate glass, mix your milk with a pump of caramel syrup and a pump of toffee syrup.

Then just put your whipped mixture on top and drizzle on butterscotch sauce and caramel syrup, if you’d like.

After that, simply serve and enjoy!

Hot peppermint mocha

Whether it’s around the holidays or you love peppermint, this drink is sure to hit the spot and warm you up inside!

Take a packet of hot chocolate mix and combine it with hot milk until it is fully dissolved.

Then add a pump of peppermint syrup or a half of a teaspoon of peppermint extract, and top it with the original whipped coffee mix. You can even top it with chocolate syrup.

Salted caramel

Caramel is seriously good, and regular coffee with caramel is fantastic. But caramel whipped coffee is pretty close to heaven.

Take a tablespoon or two of caramel sauce and add it to the original whipped coffee mix recipe. Whip the caramel sauce with sugar, instant coffee, and hot water until it’s nice and fluffy.

Then add a pump of caramel to about eight ounces of hot milk and stir until combined. Top it with the whipped caramel coffee, and drizzle more caramel on top.

You can add a pinch of flaky sea salt too if you’d like, but it’s optional.

Pumpkin spice

You knew this was coming. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is because pumpkin spice is delicious all year round.

Take 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and an equal part of ground ginger and add it to the original recipe. Add a pinch of both ground cloves and nutmeg, and whip everything until it’s fluffy.

Then, in a separate bowl, mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of pumpkin puree and 1/4 cup of hot milk until the pumpkin has fully dissolved.

Stir your pumpkin and milk mix into even more milk, either hot or cold. Top with the whipped coffee and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Cinnamon French toast

If you’re looking for all the flavor of breakfast in a cup, you should definitely give cinnamon French toast whipped coffee a try.

Take a glass of either store-bought or homemade horchata and warm it until it begins to steam. You can also pour it over ice.

Take the original whipped coffee recipe and replace the two tablespoons of sugar with maple syrup. Whip the maple syrup with equal parts of hot water and instant coffee.

Once the mixture is whipped and fluffy, place it on top of your horchata, and top with ground cinnamon.

Boozy whipped coffee

Spiked coffee is great after a long day. And boozy whipped coffee is just the treat to make any afternoon.

You can make yourself some boozy whipped coffee by adding a shot or two of the cream liqueur of your choosing to about eight ounces of either hot or cold milk.

Just mix your milk and your cream liqueur, and top it with the classic whipped coffee.

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What should I serve with whipped coffee?

Just like your usual cup of coffee, whipped coffee goes amazingly with something sweet.

You can serve it with cookies, biscotti, or the coffee cake of your choosing.

We just have to recommend either cinnamon coffee cake, almond biscotti, or dulce de leche cookie sandwiches! You can also have whipped coffee with a nice brunch or lunch.

All in all, you can serve whipped coffee with whatever you please. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Whip It into Shape

You can do it! It’s not too late to try whipped coffee for yourself.

And now that you have a whipped coffee recipe, you can make it whenever you want.

Whether it’s an afternoon treat or a morning pick-me-up, whipped coffee is an absolute delight. We hope you love it as much as we do, and you enjoy a nice cup really soon.

Do you have any questions about how to make whipped coffee at home? Do you have a whipped coffee recipe of your own? Leave us a comment down below and let us know what you think. We’re always looking forward to hearing from you!

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