The average person doesn’t really think of coffee as a “healthy” drink, let alone Irish coffee.

Irish coffee, in case you are not familiar with the term, is coffee mixed with alcohol.

Of course, there are many people who believe that alcohol is unhealthy. There are also people who believe that coffee is unhealthy. So, when you mix the two together, it makes sense that there would be some people who think Irish coffee is the worst drink possible.

With all of that said, though, both alcohol and coffee are fine in moderation. And, in fact, Irish coffee can actually offer up some surprising health benefits.

The Basics of Irish Coffee

Before going into the many health benefits of Irish coffee, it is important to understand how this drink is made and how to make Irish coffee

A basic Irish coffee recipe involves mixing together steaming hot coffee, your favorite whiskey (preferably an Irish whiskey), sugar (brown sugar can be used if preferred), and thick cream. The cream is why this drink is often referred to as Irish cream coffee.

The drink should be served in special Irish coffee mugs, but, regardless of how it is served and what whiskey is used, it still can provide many excellent benefits.

A Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

To begin with, one of the big benefits of drinking Irish coffee is that it can actually reduce your risk of heart disease.

It may surprise you to learn that alcohol, when consumed in healthy moderation, can have this effect.

This is because alcohol improves the blood flow to the heart and general circulation. In this way, an Irish coffee or two on a regular basis can actually make your heart much stronger and healthier.

This is not to say that you should drink an Irish coffee every single morning, but a few a week will not harm your heart and may actually help it. Just be sure that you are not consuming more alcohol than is recommended for your age, weight, and gender.

A Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Ready for another big surprise? Consuming Irish coffee could reduce your risk of developing type II diabetes.

Recent studies have found that, when you drink coffee in moderation, it can increase your plasma levels, thereby inhibiting the biological responses that can cause and/or lead to type II diabetes.

There is also the fact that coffee consumption has been shown to reduce appetite. In this way, drinking an Irish coffee can cut your appetite. This, in turn, cuts your risk of overeating, which reduces the likelihood that you will gain weight.

And, of course, excess weight can lead to the development of type II diabetes. If coffee helps you to eat less and lose weight, though, it could prevent this serious health issue from ever popping up.

In these two ways, an Irish coffee on a semi-regular basis could help you to never have to contend with the health nightmare that is type II diabetes.

A Reduced Risk of Stroke

Having a stroke is a huge fear of many people.

Fortunately, though, this major and debilitating health risk could be less likely to come into play in your life if you enjoy an Irish coffee here and there.

This drink, thanks to its caffeine and alcohol content, has been shown to aid in unblocking the arteries. And, since artery blockage is often what leads to reduced blood flow and, thus, a stroke, enjoying this potent potable can end up having a positive effect on your stroke risk.

A Reduced Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a serious medical condition that is characterized by extreme shaking and other severe health and neurological problems.

Amazingly, the consumption of coffee, including Irish coffee, has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of a person contracting Parkinson’s Disease.

What’s more is that, even in people who already have the condition, Irish coffee and caffeine, in general, has been shown to reduce some of the symptoms associated with the disease.

So, whether you have Parkinson’s or are simply trying to prevent it, the occasional Iris coffee can be of great help.

A Reduced Risk of Liver Disease

Finally, research indicates that regularly drinking coffee can reduce the risk of liver disease.

Researchers are not quite sure which ingredient in coffee protects against liver problems. However, they have found that regular coffee drinkers are a lot less likely to suffer from both liver disease and even liver cancer. This is especially true when it comes to alcohol-related liver conditions.

Obviously, Irish coffee can have health benefits that you would not expect. So, with that said, feel free to indulge in this delectable treat from time to time. It might just help your health!

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