Waking up in the morning isn’t easy for everyone. Just getting out of bed can be difficult, and then you have to prepare yourself for the day ahead: workout, take a shower, get dressed, do your hair, make coffee, eat breakfast. The list of things you need to do can be overwhelming.

If you find yourself constantly being rushed in the morning, the solution to your problems is right around the corner.

The Kenmore Elite Coffee Maker can make starting your day a little bit easier. Both a coffee grinder and coffee brewer, this coffee maker is fully programmable for your early morning convenience.

A Perfect Brew, Every Time

This coffee maker is versatile and efficient. Make any coffee drink you are craving with the Kenmore elite drip coffee maker.

From black coffee to a sweet espresso drink, the capabilities of this coffee maker are designed to be flexible for you. Unlike many coffee makers, you can use this product as a Kenmore Elite espresso machine, too.

The Kenmore will not only help you save time in the mornings – it will also help you switch up your routine. Don’t let yourself be limited any longer by your old-school coffee maker. Try something new when you pick up this machine.

Grind Coffee Beans to Your Liking

If you are a coffee fiend, you know that everything from water quality to the type of machine you are using can have a strong effect on the coffee you make.

One of the biggest factors in making coffee is your coffee beans. Buying whole beans keeps your coffee fresh and tasting great. But if you don’t have a coffee grinder at home, you’re stuck buying pre-ground beans from the grocery store.

Take your coffee making skills to the next level for some truly elite coffee. With this Kenmore brewer, you are also purchasing a grinder that lets you determine the coarseness of your grounds. Whether you’re looking for an espresso taste or a cozy cup of black coffee, you can make drinks your way.

Program Your Coffee 

With this Kenmore elite drip coffee maker, you can program it to brew coffee just how you like it. Tell it when to start brewing in the morning and how strong you like your coffee, and the machine will do the rest.

You can make up to 14 cups of coffee with this coffee maker – and all you have to do is tell it when to start. With such an easy coffee maker, your morning routine is already looking a lot easier.

Enjoy an Effortlessly Clean Design

The Kenmore Elite Coffee Maker is made with stainless steel, so it will match any place you put it. It takes little effort to brew a great cup of coffee with this machine, and it makes designing a gorgeous kitchen easier, too.

Sleek and beautiful, this coffee maker helps make your life easier in so many ways. It may sound too good to be true, but it most definitely is not.

Love Yourself and the Environment

You have discovered all the ways this coffee maker will help you love yourself – versatile coffee brewing, the perfect coffee grind, easy programming, and great design. Now discover how the Kenmore elite coffee maker helps you love the environment, too.

This machine comes with a reusable filter, which decreases the amount of waste produced by your coffee maker. Save the environment, one day at a time, by simply not using a paper filter. This is one of the easiest ways to decrease your environmental footprint right away.

(PS: You save money this way, too!)

Puts Safety First, Coffee Second 

Do you ever leave the house and worry three hours later, “Did I turn off the coffee pot?”

Worry no more with the Kenmore coffee maker’s automatic shut-off feature. The designers of this coffee maker know we can all forget things like that sometimes, so they are helping you stay safe.

Wake up in the morning knowing that your coffee will be ready for you, and leave the house knowing your home is protected from a coffee pot left on.

Wake Up Right with Kenmore

It is possible for your days to go so much more smoothly. The Kenmore Elite Coffee Maker is the ideal coffee pot for someone who is busy and frequently on the go.

Program your coffee to be ready when you wake up, so you can multitask while getting ready. This coffee pot also lets you rest well knowing that you will have your coffee made just how you like it.

Don’t waste any more mornings stressing about finishing your routine on time. The Kenmore Elite coffee maker is an investment that will pay off every day that you use it.

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