Introduced in 1998, Keurig is a beverage brewing system for home and commercial use.

They are better known for their high-quality coffee makers.

K-Cups or pods are small cups filled with a certain flavor of coffee grounds. These pods are inserted into specially made pod coffee makers that mix the grounds and hot water, to make a fresh cup of coffee.

Keurig pods were the first of their kind, revolutionizing the coffee industry.

There are now over 50 Keurig models, including their highest selling model, the Keurig K55.

What is the Keurig K55 and How Does It Work?

The Keurig K55, or K-Classic, is a single cup coffee maker. This basic model is extremely simple to operate. There are just 4 buttons on the entire machine, a power button and 3 differ cup sizes: 6oz, 8oz, and 10oz.

For the strongest brew, you should use the 6oz option. With its 48-ounce removable water reservoir, the K55 can make over 6 cups per fill.

Brewing is simple.

First, press the power button, that will illuminate the heating lights and your coffee maker will begin to heat up. The heating process will take about 4 minutes.

Once it is done heating, the cup size buttons will illuminate blue.

Now place your mug on the removable drip tray, lift the lid on the top-center of the machine, and insert a K-Cup of your choice. Press your desired cup size and in around a minute, your fresh cup of coffee will be ready to drink.

What Makes the Keurig K55 Unique?

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The K55 is a basic brewer with a limited number of features. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This model does what it is supposed to do, brew quality coffee simplistically and quickly. This Keurig model does that better than most other coffee maker brands.

Unlike other brands, the Keurig K55 is built with, “Quiet Brew Technology,” this minimizes noise when the maker is in use.

Other makers can get quite noisy while brewing, not the K55. Loud noises are not what you need when your trying to get your day started. Enjoy the smell of your brew, without the noisiness of a coffee maker. This is a major plus for the Keurig K 55.

Another unique feature is the programmable automatic off. With this feature, you can set the time you want your coffee maker to turn off. This is an energy saver model. Remembering if you turned something off is especially hard when you are trying to wake up. This feature is only available for a select few coffee maker brands.

The K55’s removable drip tray and removable water reservoir seem like they should be common features for all coffee makers. However, not all brands give these options for all their models. A removable drip tray allows for easy cleaning of accidental fills and spills. It also allows for different size cups or mugs. The removable water reservoir is a great feature. Easily filling up your coffee maker without splashing water all over the counter is a highly underrated aspect of this model.

Lastly, the K-Cups. Keurig K-Cups offer the highest variety of flavors, available in nearly every supermarket or appliance store. Other brands are fairly restricted with the flavor options. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts even have their own have K-Cup flavors.

No other coffee maker brands can say that. If you love Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, and are think of buying a coffee maker, then Keurig is for you.


The Keurig K55 usually retails for $99.99. There is no need for coffee filters, so there is a common coffee maker expense, not necessary with this pod coffee maker.

K-Cups are rather expensive. The cheapest pack of 16ct K-Cups is $8.99. Some specialty brands can cost upwards of $15 for the same count.

However, Keurig often has deals for their K-Cups. Some brands can be found on Amazon or Walmart for slightly cheaper prices

According to Fox Business, “If you buy a 60 K-Cup variety pack with a twenty percent off coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond, a single K-Cup will cost you $0.53.” However, with the introduction of the The My K-Cup, you are now able to refill your Keurig pods with cheaper coffee grounds.

Public Perception: Customer’s Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews

The Keurig K55 has received very favorable reviews via testimonials available online. This K-Cup machine has received over 7,500 reviews from its users with 60% of those reviews being of the 5-star variety.

The online Keurig community ranging from user established fan sites to pro-style reviews, all list the K55 at the top or near the top on their compositions of the best available pod coffee makers.

Consumer states, “Thousands of happy owners praise the Keurig K55 for its ease of use, the wide variety of coffees, teas and other hot-water-based products that are available, and its two-color options. The K55 boasts a large, 48-ounce reservoir.” This is the usual basis of reviews we have have come across.

How It Compares

Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig K55’s high ranking amongst its peers is better understood once you learn of all of the specs this machine has for its given price point. At $99.99, it proves to be a tremendous value when delving into just how much this Keurig can do to help improve your everyday coffee consumption.

Not only does the K55 offer a relatively large reservoir of 48oz – a capacity generally limited to machines starting at a much pricey listing – it also enables compatibility with reusable filters. It’s a spec that only adds to the great investment that is the K55.

Analyzing the economic advantages of this machine alone could be enough to sway anyone to go with it over competitors’ machines in that same $100 price range. Its ease of use encourages experimentation, via its tremendously significant, ever-growing library of K-Cups.

Even if you happen to come across a similar product from another company, you will never have access to such a vast array of flavor options. Nestlé and Cuisineart may be starting to bolster their respective catalogues, but their brand restrictions cannot match the third-party K-Cup compatibility, that supplements the already impressive line up of unique flavors and blends.

What We Think

Keurig is the powerhouse of the pod style coffee maker market and for good reason. They provide competitive pricing options for a wide range of products, for coffee lovers on all sorts of budgets.

Perhaps the most economic of the Keurig line, the K55 offers a good amount of functionality for an equally great price.

We are in no way affiliated with Keurig.

That being said, we believe the Keurig K55 is an absolute buy. This is based on the quality, price, functionality, and other Keurig coffee maker reviews. This product is a good fit for the novice coffee drinker, as well as those experienced in the coffee world. It is user friendly and produces excellent tasting coffee.

If you are looking for a coffee maker that makes espresso this is not the model for you.

Though the K55 can make, coffee, tea, and cocoa, it does not have the capabilities of adding different creams or flavors in a single cup. Nespresso coffee makers would be a better fit for you.

Keurig Coffee Maker Deals

The Keurig website itself constantly provides online coupons to be used at the time of purchase, including free K-Cups to feed your new K55.

The K55 is currently discounted at $89.99. This deal includes 43 K-Cups of varying flavors. These promotional offerings can also be found in the form of discounted rates with the use of frequently appearing coupons.

The online marketplace regularly offers K55 packages for around $90. If in-person shopping is more your thing, Best Buy is currently offering this Keurig favorite at an $89.99. If you are lucky, you may even come across a QVC promotional price online or on television, offering this impressive machine for just $76.

When the demand for an item is as high as the Keurig K55, there are bound to be a good amount of deals available with a simple online search.

Final Thoughts on Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews

There are other coffee makers that offer more functions than Keurig’s K55, even other Keurig models. However, you are not going to get a better product for the price of the K55.

This model is as excellent as advertised – no more, no less.

It has the notoriety that comes with any Keurig machine without a steep price tag. If you are looking to buy your first pod coffee maker or you just want to add to your collection, the Keurig K55 will be a great addition.

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