There are times when two extremely similar coffee brewers are released, often leading to some confusion by consumers. Keurig has been manufacturing coffee makers with their unique brewing technology for years, and has released many different models over the years that may share similarities. Two models in particular, the keurig k50 coffee maker and the K55, are notorious to many consumers who swear that they are the same machine. But is this the truth, or are their more differences between these two models than what meets the eye?

In this post, we will compare the Keurig K50 Coffee Maker with the Keurig K55 Coffee Maker to understand the difference between these two very similar models. We’ll talk about each at length, and compare the two head to head in a variety of different categories.

​Keurig Brand Overview


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​Keurig started in 1992 in Massachusetts, though their first brewers weren’t released until 1998. Their first brewers were made to target commercial companies to provide them with single serve coffee makers that their employees could use when in need of a coffee break. They created a unique brewing system using K Cups, small pods of coffee grounds that can be brewed into individual cups of coffee. Their single serving coffee brewers quickly gained popularity, prompting the company to release brewers designed for home use in 2004.

Today, there are over 400 types of K Cups that can be used in any of Keurig’s single serving coffee makers. You can purchase K Cups from many of your favorite coffee brands, including Starbucks, Peet’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Newman’s Own, and more. There are also a variety of other hot and cold beverages that can be brewed using a Keurig coffee maker, such as teas, ciders, hot chocolate, and lemonade.

​Keurig K50 Coffee Maker Overview

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The Keurig K50 Coffee Maker is one of the most popular Keurig models, and is currently the number 1 product for Amazon’s Choice of coffee makers. This product has a 48 ounce water reservoir that can make over 6 cups of coffee before needing to be refilled. The reservoir is removable, making it easy to refill or switch out the filter. It can brew at three different cup sizes: 6, 8, or 10 ounces.

There are a few features that help keep the Keurig K50 Classic Coffee Maker running at peak capacity. The descaling option is a part of the cleaning process that helps remove calcium deposits, also known as scale. Scale can build up over time, which can lead to issues with brewing. There is also an auto-off features that will shut the coffee maker off after it has been idle for two hours. This saves energy, and helps keep the Keurig from suddenly breaking down.

​Keurig K55 Coffee Maker Overview

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The Keurig K55 Coffee Maker is a step up from the K55, with some newly added features to make better cups of coffee. It features a similar design to its predecessor, with the same 48-ounce water reservoir and brewing controls. This model also has the same three brew sizes as the K55, with similar descaling and auto off functions.

The key difference between the Keurig K50 Coffee Maker and the K55 Coffee Maker is the Quiet Brew technology found in the latter. Quiet Brew technology is a new feature from Keurig that is said to drastically cut down the noise level of the brewer. This is a great feature for those who can’t stand the loud groan of the Keurig K50 Coffee Maker, or who are worried about the noise waking others up in the morning.

Besides the Quiet Brew feature, the K55 Coffee Maker also includes a filter handle for easy filter replacement. The handle has a small dial that can be set to remind you when the filter needs to be changed, so you don’t have to worry about marking it on your calendar.

​​Keurig K50 Vs K55: Specs and Features

Keurig K50 Coffee Maker Specs

  • ​Weight: 7.6 LBS
  • ​Dimensions: 9.8” x 13” x 13.3”
  • ​Water Reservoir: 48-ounce removable tank with filter
  • ​Brewing Speed: Under a minute per cup
  • ​Cup Brewing Sizes: 6 ounce, 8 ounce, 10 ounce
  • ​Control Type: Button controls
  • ​Digital Display: No
  • ​Special Features: Auto Off, Descaling
  • ​Available Colors: Black, Rhubarb

​​Keurig K55 Coffee Maker Specs

  • ​Weight: 12 LBS
  • ​Dimensions: 10.1” x 13.2” x 13.3”
  • ​Water Reservoir: 48-ounce removable tank and filter with handle
  • ​Brewing Speed: Under a minute per cup
  • ​Cup Brewing Sizes: 6 ounce, 8 ounce, 10 ounce
  • ​Control Type: Button controls
  • ​Digital Display: No
  • ​Special Features: Auto Off, Descaling, Quiet Brew
  • ​Available Colors: Black, Rhubarb, Patriot Blue, Coconut White

​​Keurig K50 Vs K55: Installation

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​The installation process is very similar for both the Keurig K50 and the K55 coffee brewers. To use your Keurig product, unbox the machine and pull everything out. Read the owners manual to make sure you have everything you need to assemble the coffee brewer. Place the unit on a flat counter space and attach the removable water reservoir to the side of the machine. The water filter should be soaked in a small bowl of water to get rid of any excess residue.

Before either model can brew a cup of coffee, it’s important to run your Keurig through a brew without any K Cup. To do this, turn the brewer on and then lift and lower the handle. Place a mug under the spout and press the small cup button to flush the machine out.

The only real difference between the K50 and the K55 is the placement of water filter into the handle for the K55 model. To install the water filter, open the bottom of the handle by pressing the tabs on either side at the same time to open it up. Place the filter cartridge into the bottom piece and reattach it to the handle. Place the handle into the water reservoir, and push down to ensure it is properly attached.

​Keurig K50 Vs K55: Design

Keurig K50

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​Both of these models have very similar designs, with the only noticeable difference being the K55’s larger dimensions. Both models have a sleek, rounded design that can fit in with any type of kitchen décor. It has many removable parts, making it very easy to keep clean even with frequent use.

The main body of these models is split between the interior brewer and the removable water reservoir, creating a streamlined design that is not obtrusive. The handle is large and lifts easily, so there is no struggle when it comes to inserting your selected K Cup. All of the control functions are on the right side of the coffee maker, along with the various indication lights that inform you of your unit’s current status.

While there are not any major differences in aesthetic design, the Keurig K55 Coffee Maker comes with more color options. While the Keurig K50 Coffee Maker is only available in black or rhubarb, the K55 model adds two more color options (Patriot Blue and Coconut White) for a more customized kitchen look.

​Keurig K50 Vs K55: Performance

Keurig K50

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​While on paper it may seem like the Keurig K50 and the K55 have the same exact brewing features, but that’s not necessarily the truth. The K55 is a product that was released to be an upgrade of the K50 model, and addresses many of the most concerning performance issues.

The Keurig K50 Coffee Maker has a few minor manufacturing bugs that many customers have noted after frequent use. For example, there were many cases where customers reported that their K50 models suddenly stopped working after only a few weeks of use.

To handle this issue, Keurig did more research on their products to try and create a more durable brewing technology. This resulted in the release of the K55, with an upgraded brewer that is much more likely to last longer. Most customers have noticed that the K55 brewer is much more reliable than the K50.

It also features the new Quiet Brew technology, which drastically reduced the loud sound that can be heard during the brewing process. They also improved upon the brewing time, and the K55 can brew a full cup about 30 seconds faster than the K50 model.

​Keurig K50 Vs K55: Coffee Taste

Keurig K50

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​Coffee taste is arguably the most important thing to keep in mind when looking to purchase a new coffee maker. If the coffee doesn’t taste good, you might find yourself dreading your morning cup. The brewing process behind the Keurig K50 and the K55 are very similar, with only slight upgrades found in the latter model. Both machines are able to brew any K Cup pod, so you can pick exactly what kind of coffee you want to make.

Both machines make the strongest brew of coffee when set on the 6-ounce brew size. The strength typically decreases as you go up in size, as the extra water can dilute the flavors. Though the difference was subtle, we noticed that the K55 model typically brewed stronger cups of coffee. However, there are plenty of other factors that may have influenced this result, such as the freshness of the K Cup coffee grounds.

​Keurig K50 Vs K55: Price

Keurig K50

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Since the Keurig K55 is an upgrade from the K50, so you would think it’s obvious that it would cost a bit more. You may be surprised to learn that the prices of these two models are actually quite similar, and, in some cases, the K55 can be purchased for less than the K50 model. You will find that stores have ditched the older K50 model to keep a greater stock of the upgraded K55 model. Many retailers have stopped selling the older models altogether to prevent an influx of returns for the less durable model.

​Keruig K50 VS Keurig K55: Our Final Verdict

​When it comes down two it, the differences between the Keurig K50 Coffee Maker and the K55 Coffee Maker are miniscule. Whether you get one model over the other depends on the circumstances surrounded your purchase.

If you already have the K50 model and have had no trouble using it, we don’t see any reason to get rid of your current model to make the upgrade. We will say that if you’ve noticed some issues with your model and want a replacement, consider getting the newer model for its upgraded materials and Quiet Brew technology.

If you have a K50 model that breaks down while still under warranty, it is not unusual for Keurig to send you the updated K55 model as a replacement. If you have any issues with your K50 model, contact Keurig Support to see what options they have for you.

If you are considering purchasing a Keurig for the first time, we recommend you skip past the K50 and go right for the K55 model. Although you may be able to find the K50 at a cheaper price, the minor upgrades found in the K55 model ensure that your Keurig brewer will last longer. This makes it a better investment in the long run, especially since they are so close in price.


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