If you are in the market for a manual coffee grinder, we are here to help. Below, we’ve collected a list of the Best 6 Manual Coffee Grinders of 2018. Our list is based on customer feedback and professional reviews pulled from across the web.

Factors for Finding the Best Grinder

To help consumers find the best manual coffee grinder, we first considered consumer reviews. Thankfully, most of the manual coffee grinders we considered are in their second or third generation, or have been on the market for a considerable amount of time. This means that there is a solid amount of user feedback for all the grinder on this list.

Next, we looked at professional reviews, durability, value, ease of use, and several other factors to come up with a comprehensive rating system. Lastly, we’ve ranked the grinders below on a 5-star scale. Read on to learn which manual coffee grinders we liked best.

If cost is a secondary consideration, the 1Z Grinder is the top manual coffee grinder for 2018.


Star Ratings


  • The 1Z Grinder uses a high harden stainless steel precision burr
  • The unit features a double-bearing design, with three axial correction cutter, ensuring a quick, uniform manual grind
  • The 1Z Grinder can help you craft the perfect espresso and produce consistently-excellent coffee
  • Manual grinding preserves the natural flavor of coffee, greatly improving purity and taste
  • Magnetic suction and ball handle design, you can grind easily, feel comfortable and relaxed
  • The grinder features an aluminum alloy body with a stainless steel core
  • Easily cleaned with a brush or water
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Lastly, the 1Z Grinder includes 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The 1Z Grinder features a highly-visible hopper and features an anti-skip beans design. This feature makes it’s easy to measure the weight of the coffee beans, ensuring precision with every pot.

This manual coffee grinder uses a stainless-steel rocker with magnetic suction design match with ball handle. This design is unconventional, but the 1Z Grinder is extremely popular and well-reviewed.

Not only is the shape elegant and ergonomic, but the grind itself feels smooth and effortless.

The unit is easy to grip and has anti-slip padding in place. The unit uses a stainless steel 1.58-inch five-core conical burr with SUS420 stainless steel and CNC technology.

The 1Z Grinder rapidly chews through beans, creating a flawless consistency in a matter of moments.  

The dial on the 1Z Grinder has an incredible number of adjustments for a manual coffee grinder. It operates both clockwise and counterclockwise for fine and coarse grinds, touching upon almost every conceivable point in between.

The 1Z Grinder can be used to make a variety of coffee styles, including Turkish coffee, Espresso, siphon, and French press. The grinder is portable, easy to use, easy to take apart, and easy to clean and disassemble.

In short, the 1Z Grinder does everything one could reasonably expect from a manual coffee grinder.

The one hold up for some will be the price. The unit is available on Amazon. 

Still, those looking for the best manual coffee grinder will likely see the value in the 1Z Grinder and shell out for it. For the coffee aficionado, the 1Z will likely be an excellent investment.

Coming in at a much-lower price point is the Porlex Mini Grinder. While this manual coffee grinder lacks some of the features of the 1Z Grinder, it is still an effective and easy-to-use grinder.


Star Ratings


  • The Porlex Mini Grinders uses wide-range ceramic conical burrs
  • Grind can be adjusted from French Press to extremely fin e
  • 20-gram capacity
  • 47 mm diameter and stands 130 mm tall
  • Porlex Mini uses a stainless steel body construction

Lightweight, small, and incredibly handy, the Porlex Mini Grinder became a surprise favorite among consumers and professionals.

The stainless steel body allows the Porlex Mini to take quite a beating without breaking the internal mechanism. For less careful coffee makers, especially those grinding first thing in the morning, this durability will be a boon.

The Porlex Mini Grinder is also small enough to place into any bag or cabinet, making it a convenient addition to almost any kitchen or household.

Inside the Mini is a set of spring-loaded ceramic burrs that churn out a precise and consistent grind time, without overheating and ruining coffee beans. This consistency is rarely seen in a manual coffee grinder, and likely a major selling-point for the Porlex Mini.

The Mini’s well-machined burrs can produce fresh grounds even quicker than other top-quality hand grinders.

Porlex Mini continues to grow in popularity and sales. While it may lack a few of the features of the 1Z Grinder, at half the price it remains a very appealing alternative for many consumers.

Given all of this, we think that the Porlex Mini is one of the best manual coffee grinders of 2018.

4.5 Out of 5 Stars

The pricey, sophisticated Orphan Lido 3 Coffee Grinder is the latest model of Orphan Espresso's famed manual coffee grinder lineup.


Star Ratings


  • The Orphan Lido 3 is an elite-tier hand grinder featuring 48mm Swiss-made steel conical burrs
  • Unit uses a fold-in crank handle and easily compacts
  • Includes a neoprene carrying case for easy portability
  • Lido 3 has a large capacity, holding up to 70 gram of coffee beans
  • Thanks to the Stepless adjustment feature, the Lido 3 can grind in all ranges of coarseness, from French Press to Turkish
  • The package includes a natural bristle brush for cleaning the Lido 3 as well as a hex tool for maintenance

As noted above, the Lido 3 is the latest release manual coffee grinder from Orphan Espresso.

Based on the best-selling Lido 2, the Lido 3 evolves thanks to sharper steel burrs and improved materials to reduce the unit’s weight. The package also includes cleaning tools to allow users to maintain their Lido 3.

The crank handle compacts into the unit, making the Lido 3 extremely portable. The unit is a favorite among campers for this very reason.

Orphan Espresso rightly believes that the Lido 3 is the best manual coffee grinder on the market. While the company can certainly make a case for the Lido 3 based on the product’s features, many users found the grind to be more effortless on both the 1Z Grinder and the Porlex Min Grinder.

The only other facet that keeps the Lido 3 behind the 1Z and the Porlex Mini is the cost. The Lido 3 is available from a number of retailers online, it's a bit expensive compared to the Porlex Mini and the 1Z Grinder.

4.5 Out of 5 Stars

Hario is a Japanese company that is famous all over the world for their coffee equipment. The Skerton Pro is their latest offering, upgrading on the original Hario Skerton with a few added features.

Product Features


Star Ratings


  • The latest version of the Skerton Pro is the most-efficient produced to date, making grinds effortless and uniform
  • Skerton Pro features an improved burr shaft with stabilizer plate and an easy-grind adjustment screw
  • The ergonomic handle has been improved for greater grip and leverage  
  • Unit holds up to 100 grams of coffee

The Hario Skerton Pro has a premium feel, and the company has done a fantastic job in constructing this manual coffee grinder.

All parts of the Hario Skerton Pro fit together perfect, and when assembled the Skerton Pro feels incredibly solid. Aside from the glass grounds bin, it’s difficult to imagine any of the parts breaking from routine use.

A minor drawback compared to the other grinders on this list is that the ground receptacle is made out of glass. While this receptacle does have some protection on the bottom, in the form of silicone, it’s still more fragile than plastic or steel.

This manual coffee grinder is also slightly bigger than some of the competitors. It’s not as travel-friendly as the Porlex Mini or the Lido 3.

All of that said, the Hario Skerton Pro does deliver bang for the buck. Many beginners and casual coffee drinkers will love this device.

Extreme coffee aficionados or frequent travelers might prefer one of the other options higher on the list, but most people will be very pleased with the Hario Skerton Pro.

The Skerton Pro is available on Amazon.

4.25 Out of 5 Stars

Inside of each coffee bean is a menagerie of aromas and flavors. The Handground Precision Coffee Grinder has the potential to unlock each and every one of these notes.


Star Ratings


  • The Handground Precision utilizes design input from coffee drinkers across the globe in order to produce an amazing grind with any type of coffee bean
  • Thanks to a 40mm conical ceramic burr mill, ease of grind and grind consistency are ensured
  • Triple-mounted axle reduces wobbling  
  • The Handground’s ceramic burrs are built to last five times longer than stainless steel blades
  • Excellent durability
  • The unit’s removable hand crank can eliminate over 90% of the noise that electric grinders produce
  • Ideal for travel and camping
  • Grinder can store coffee in the glass holder on the unit’s underside
  • The Handground Precision grinder includes a full 1-Year Warranty

Featuring an innovative design, the Handground is quite unusual in the sense that the handle turns forward and not clockwise. The aim is to make it more ergonomic to grind, and the unit is quite successful in this regard.

While a lot of consumers like this style, it might not be for everybody. A recurring criticism was that people with small hands or poor grip strength found it difficult to hold the top of the device while grinding.

The Handground utilizes 40mm burrs. In theory, that should allow for a faster grinder than the Porlex and the Hario Skerton models, since both use their 28 mm ceramic burr.

But the reality is that all three units grind at about the same speed. It would not be accurate to describe the Handground as a fast manual coffee grinder.

However, the grind on the Handground seems to be very consistent and uniform. This seems to apply doubly to coarser grinds, where most manual coffee grinders are challenged.

 If you primarily do French press or filter, and do not plan on doing a lot of travelling, the Handground would appear to be an ideal match.

The Handground does a good job, but that is to be expected of hand grinder in this price range. The question for purchasers will be their comfort with the clockwise turning motion of the Handground, as well as the cost.

If you are looking for a good everyday grinder to use at home, it’s worth further investigating the Handground Precision Coffee Grinder.

4 Out of 5 Stars

Concluding this list of the 6 Best Manual Coffee Grinder of 2018 is the ROK coffee grinder.


Star Ratings


  • User can alternate between stepped or step-less grinding thanks to an easily removable set of washers
  • Grind consistency and stability on par with electric grinders
  • Significantly less noisy than electric grinders but similarly effective
  • The ROK uses a non-slip ring to prevent sliding or wobble while grinding, further ensuring consistency
  • Unit can be used by left-handed grinders with a simple adjustment

The ROK is a fundraiser-driven creation, an incredibly sturdy and attractive piece to add to any contemporary kitchen. The machine can be used to brew any kind of coffee.

Featuring die-cast aluminum construction for maximum durability and utilizing a pair of 48mm stainless steel conical burrs, the ROK has no issue with even the coarsest grounds, handling them with power and aplomb.

One of the best features about the ROK is that this manual coffee grinder requires very little effort from the user. Unlike many handheld grinders, the ROK’s table-top design gives a user of any size great leverage, leading to a consistent, effortless grind.

Per the company, most grinds take only 62 revolutions – roughly 30 seconds of effort – to generate the grounds for a double espresso. This compares very favorably to other grinders on the market, including those on this list.  

Lastly, the ROK is constructed from high-quality components and state-of-the art engineering. This manual coffee grinder is designed with longevity in mind, and can be viewed as a multi-year investment.

The drawbacks of the ROK are obvious: cost and portability. The ROK was constructed to be a sturdy in-home unit, and clearly lacks the portability of manual coffee grinders such as the Porlex Mini or the Orphan Espresso Lido 3.

The other consideration is cost. The ROK is available from a number of online retailers for around $200. While some will see the value in the grinder due to the ease with which the ROK handles coarse grounds, others will prefer a grinder like the Porlex Mini at a fraction of the cost.

4 Out of 5 Stars

How to Find the Best Grind? 

This concludes our list of the Best 6 Manual Coffee Grinders of 2018. We hope that you found this list valuable and informative.

We believe this list represents the best of what’s available for 2018. If you are on the market for a manual coffee grinder, we believe there is a grinder on this list that will fit within your budget and produce the grind quality and consistency that may not be available from an electric grinder.

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