There is nothing quite like waking up in the morning to the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen. Oxo on 9-cup coffee maker heightens your senses and makes waking up just a bit easier.

While there are many people who prefer to grab coffee from their local coffeehouse on their way to work, there is a fair share of people who like to save time and money by brewing coffee at home.

In fact, by brewing your coffee at home over stopping to grab it, you could save $20 to $30 a month or up to $1,200 per year!

That is quite a chunk of change and unless you are stopping at the world’s best coffee shop, what they are serving is nothing you cannot make yourself.

There is one particular coffeemaker that caught our eye this year - ​Oxo On 9-cup Coffee Maker. We will fill you in on the details of this cut-above-the-rest brewer and why you just might need it in your life.

​Comparison Table

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​What Type of Coffeemaker?

When it comes to the type of coffeemaker to purchase, it could be worth it to make more of an investment on a home brewer, depending on your taste levels.

If you are not particular about the taste of your coffee, you could choose to go the more economical route with a standard brewer where you push the button and it pops out a pot of regular ol' Joe.

But the year is 2018 and there are more options than ever for home coffeemakers.

​How We Chose Our Ratings

Accuracy and honesty are important to us, so we looked at reviews and data behind the products we are recommending.

Rest assured, we want to make sure you are well-informed when it comes to making your decision on purchasing a home coffeemaker.

Remember to weigh out the options that work best for you and your family.

​Buyer's Guide

We have compiled a list of some of the best coffeemakers around in 2018 to help you on your quest for the best coffee in town.

Here are our top picks:

[amazon box=”B00YEYKK8U”]

​This Oxo On 9-cup Coffee Maker is a spectacular coffee maker regulates brewing time, water temperature, and volume.

It almost feels like you have a mini robot barista in your home that remembers your coffee order every time stop by for a cup. If you are looking for a one-stop shop drip coffeemaker, this is it.

You do not have to take our word for it (although you should!) but try it for yourself and you will see what we mean.

All you have to do is add water and the ground coffee of your choice and this intuitive machine will take care of the rest.

It was recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association as an exemplary home brewer for delivering great-tasting coffee every time you brew.


  • Rainmaker water system evenly disperses water over coffee grounds to ensure the proper flavor is extracted from the grounds
  • The water temperature is regulated to reach the perfect temperature for brewing coffee (Between 197.6 to 204.8 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Includes an automatic timer that lets you schedule your coffee to be ready and waiting for you whenever you need it
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe keeps coffee temperature-regulated
  • Internal mixing compartment blends coffee while brewing so the flavor is even and delicious
  • Sleek design that will bring a modern element to your kitchen

[amazon box=”B00O9FO1HK”]

​This coffeemaker is small and simple, but make sure not to judge a book by its cover. It produces great-tasting coffee with simple settings. Short, sweet, and to the point every time.


  • Its 1,500-watt heater ensures coffee reaches a temperature of 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes
  • Makes an 8-cup carafe of coffee in about 6 minutes
  • Double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe
  • All components are dishwasher safe

[amazon box=”B06Y29Y264″]

​This mess-free machine can be used with one hand and is easy to use, allowing you to have more free time to get moving and get on with your day.


  • Enclosed brewing system contains an internal heater that keeps coffee hot and fresh for four hours
  • Brews coffee directly into your cup - no carafe needed
  • Display menu, programmable clock, on/off switch
  • Allows you to switch modes between iced coffee, regular coffee, and bold coffee

[amazon box=”B01FJPSLZQ”]

​This coffeemaker proves that you do not have to break the bank to get great coffee! It does the job and it does the job well.

It is a no-frills machine that will provide fresh flavor and steaming hot coffee.


  • Internal water filtration system helps to remove up to 97% of chlorine for better tasting coffee
  • Delay Brew Timer lets you set the coffee to be ready ahead of time
  • Freshness timer keeps track of the coffee's freshness from the time it is brewed
  • Brew Strength Selector lets you choose if you want the coffee to be lighter or bolder
  • 2-Hour shut off timer ensures you will not have to worry about turning the machine off before you leave in the morning

Oxo On 9-cup Coffee Maker

[amazon box=”B0041A5H5S”]

​This awesome coffeemaker will give you premium control over your coffee brewing, pouring, and cleaning.


  • Easy access and simple design allows for fast, easy brewing
  • Adjustable brewing options for bold or regular coffee brewing
  • Choose between one and four cups of coffee per brew
  • Wheeled base for easy access to the water reservoir when you need to fill it
  • Easy troubleshooting

Oxo On 9-cup Coffee Maker

[amazon box=”B000FFRYYK”]

​This incredible coffeemaker brews almost 12 cups of coffee in just three minutes for the busy folks out there.


  • Double-insulated thermal carafe keeps your coffee warm for up to 2 hours
  • Unique spray head design ensures full flavor extraction
  • Internal water heating tank keeps water heated to up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit

[amazon box=”B0037ZG3DS”]

​This coffeemaker does not just focus on quantity, but quality as well. It hits all the right notes necessary to ensure you get the best tasting brew for an economical price.


  • Removable water reservoir allows for easy filling
  • Thermal carafe keeps temperature hot and flavor sealed
  • Permanent filter helps remove up to 97% of chlorine for the best tasting coffee
  • Delay Brew feature allows you to set your brew time ahead of schedule

The Bottom Line - We whole-heartedly recommend The OXO On 9 Cup Coffeemaker for its high tech, intuitive coffee making capabilities.

It is durable and worth every penny for the quality you receive and for its many features.

You will not even miss your coffee runs at the drive through because this intelligent system knows the coffee you want every time.

Choosing the Right Coffeemaker for You

There are so many options when choosing a drip coffeemaker and what you choose is ultimately up to you.

Some of the options include:

  • Automatic Drip - This option is great for people who like to "set it and forget it".There are many automatic drip coffeemakers available that can maintain the flavor and notes of the coffee, but with the ease of creating the brew for you.
  • K-cups, Pods, Single-serve - This option is great for people who typically have one mug or cup of coffee at a time and still want the freshness and flavor that comes with a carafe of coffee.The only downside to this type of option is that it can become quite expensive to purchase the pods or refills.
  • Espresso Machines - Not for the faint of heart, an espresso machine gets right to the point and lets you create a single-sized shot of espresso with the desired strength.
  • Pour Over Coffee Machines - Pour over coffeemakers are simple to use and involve pouring hot water over ground coffee to create one single cup of coffee.
    Typically, it is a small device you place on top of the mug of your choice.You then place a coffee filter into the device, fill it with grounds, and pour hot water over the top very slowly until the grounds have been soaked and filter out the flavor into your mug.

Other Add-Ons

There are also other types of add-ons you can purchase to help take your coffee experience to the next level, such as:

  • Coffee Grinders– This handy tool will allow you to grind the coffee beans of your choice, so you have the added benefit of having freshly ground coffee that is ready to use.
    Pre-purchased and packaged coffee grounds typically do not stay as fresh, which will cause the flavor of your coffee to suffer. They are meant to be used within days of grinding, rather than the weeks they normally spend on store shelves.
  • Milk Frother – This tool allows you to froth your milk or creamer prior to putting it into your coffee, creating a creamy, light consistency that looks like it was blended by a barista.
    For best results, heat up your milk or cream before frothing and pour it on top of your brewed coffee. Add cinnamon, sugar, or anything of your choosing for the ultimate latte
Two person holding a cofee cup

Image Via ​pexels​​​

When selecting a drip coffeemaker for your home, you may want to think about the following before you make your decision:

Serving Size 

How much coffee do you typically drink? Will this coffeemaker be used for multiple people? These are important questions to ask yourself because this could be the difference between buying a single-serve coffee maker or a 9-cup coffeemaker like the OXO On 9-Cup Coffeemaker.

If you do not need as much coffee, you could opt for a smaller machine.

Automation Needs 

Our lives are busy, so many people like not having to worry about setting the coffeemaker each morning; however, if you work from home or have extra time to spare, you might not need any automation or programmable features.

If that is the case, you could opt for a no-frills machine, like the Mr. Coffee machine.

Price Point 

This is especially important for choosing a coffeemaker because prices vary and it depends on how much you are looking to invest in a machine.

If you do not care about any extra’s, like temperature control or mixing compartments, you will be able to find coffeemakers that are better-suited to your price preferences.

If you appreciate a great cup of coffee and flavor, you might want to invest a little more in a machine that will provide this for you.

These are our tips regarding things to keep in mind, but at the end of the day, what matters most is that you find something that you enjoy and are comfortable with purchasing.

​Points to Remember

Photograph of a kitchen counter near window

​Image via Pexels

A coffeemaker for your home is an excellent investment - not only for your palette, but for your wallet.

Think of the money you will save by creating your favorite coffee creations at home instead of throwing money at coffee shops each day, as well as the satisfaction you will feel by using your creativity to make new caffeine creations.

The price point and features are ultimately up to you but remember that having a solid coffeemaker is the gift that keeps on giving, as the price point often includes durability and the reassurance that you have a great product.

Whether you choose a small and simple pour over device or a large coffeemaker like the OXO On 9-Cup Coffeemaker, you can rest assured that you will be happy with your choice.

Go on - pour yourself a cup in your favorite mug and get started with your day.

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