Back in 2009, Paul Sandstrom started working on a dream he’d always had – starting a heavy machinery and equipment company. It took his tireless efforts as the company’s founder to grow and nurture it to where it is today.

The Paul Sandstrom Equipment Company is a construction equipment hiring and selling company. It is located at the west of Grand Forks, North Dakota, between Northwood and Arvilla.


Why Paul Sandstrom Equipment is the Best There Is

Most of the heavy equipment rented and sold at the Paul Sandstrom Equipment Company are of the John Deere brand. Some critics might see this as an undoing of the company as it limits the choices of potential buyers and renters.

However, if you give it much thought, this is actually a good idea. The John Deere brand has the reputation of having high-quality machinery and readily available spare parts.

So whether you are looking for heavy machinery or equipment for short term or long term use, you can always trust Paul Sandstrom Equipment Company.

The company has a variety of inventory which is not only targeted to large-scale contractors, but also home users who need equipment for small-scale projects.

Some of the equipment available at Paul Sandstrom include:

  • Motor graders
  • Excavators
  • Compaction equipment
  • Dozers and backhoes
  • Four-wheel drive loaders
  • Trimble lasers
  • Mini-excavators and skid steers


Excavators at the Paul Sandstrom Equipment Company


1. The 2013 Deere 210G Excavator

One of the best excavators at the company stores is the 2013 Deere 210G excavator, also known as the John Deere PowerTech PVX. This monstrous machine is powered by a six-cylinder, 159-horsepower diesel engine, and a powerful Dozer blade.

With a ground-to-top height of 9.7 feet and an operational weight of 49,139 pounds, the John Deere 210G excavator is among the largest and most powerful machines available at Paul Sandstrom Equipment.


2. John Deere 4045H

Another excavator at the Sandstrom Equipment is the John Deere 4045H. This excavator is powered by a 93-horsepower diesel engine that’s made up of four cylinders that drive the 30,481-pound machine. With its state-of-the-art arms which has 12,823 pounds of force, the 4045H excavator can dig up to 20 feet deep.


3. The 2014 Deere 160G

The 2014 Deere 160G is also available at the Paul Sandstrom Equipment. The excavator is one of the more powerful excavators in the company. And this claim is not unfounded as this machine is powered by a 121-horsepower engine that’s able to achieve 2,200 rpm. Its arm is capable of digging to a maximum depth of about 21 feet.

The 160G has a weight of 39,526 pounds, making it among the largest excavators in the company as well.


4. The 2015 Hitachi ZX17U mini

This is a small excavator whose three cylinders produces a maximum of 14.8 horsepower. This excavator is made for small excavation works and has a relatively smaller arm which digs up to 7.1 feet deep.

With an operational weight of only 4,078 pounds and a height 7.9 feet, the 2015 Hitachi ZX17U mini is among the smallest of its kind in the company.

The main distinctive feature (aside from its relatively small size) about this excavator is its low cost, making it the best for small-scale users with a limited budget.


Motor Graders at the Paul Sandstrom Equipment Company

For motor graders, Paul Sandstrom Equipment has nothing but the best.

One of the bestselling motor graders is the 1980 Deere 772A Motor Grader. This motor grader is usually used in major construction projects. With a length of 27.8 feet, a height of 10.5 feet, and an operational weight of 30,903 pounds, this motor grader ranks among the largest machines found in the company.

The 1980 Deere 772A’s engine is comprised of six cylinders giving it a 150 horsepower which is able to achieve 2300 rpm and a torque of 1300 rpm. To get this powerful motor grader from Paul Sandstrom Equipment Company, you’ll have to part with little above $22,000.


Crawler Dozers at the Paul Sandstrom Equipment Company

Crawler dozers are also used in major construction projects. As is the case with other machinery, Paul Sandstrom Equipment Company relies on the John Deere brand for its Crawler Dozers.

One crawler dozer found at the company is the 2005 Deere 650J. With a diesel engine made up of four cylinders, a horsepower of 99HP, and able to reach 2,200 rpm, this is one of the most powerful crawler dozers in the market. It takes such a powerful engine to haul the machine’s 19,790-pound weight.


Sandstrom Equipment Has All the Equipment and Machinery You Need 

For these and other top-of-the-line equipment and machinery, you can always count on Paul Sandstrom Equipment sales and rentals. Whether you have a long-term construction project or just a small farming activities, you can be sure to find something that works here.

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