While traveling through the state of North Carolina, you can easily miss the small city of Morganton. But there’s a little secret about this humble city.

Morganton is home to one of the most remarkable breweries in the United States, Catawba Brewing Company.

But what makes this particular brewery outstanding?

Well, to begin with, where else would you find an ale with an awesome name like the “Mother Trucker” Pale Ale?

Other interesting selections from Catawba Brewing are the “Black Dome” Stout, the “Revenuers Red” Red Ale, the “Hooligan” Scotch Ale (which has a rather outstanding depiction of a beefy hooligan), the “King Coconut” Porter, the fan-favorite “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” Specialty Brown Ale, the “Farmer Ted” Cream Ale, and the “White Zombie” White Ale.

However, it was the release of a unique coffee beer in early 2017 that solidified Catawba Brewing’s prominence in the brewing industry. The brewery answered the cries of many of its customers by introducing the “Vanilla Coffee Blonde” Ale and the “Coffee Blonde Ale”. These were well received by ale lovers around the state and are now among Catawba Brewing’s best sellers.

But it would be best to know a little bit about Catawba Brewing’s history, right?


A Brief History of the Catawba Brewing

The brewery is built on a strong foundation of family values as it was founded by two brothers – Billy Pyatt and Scott Pyatt. Billy had this obsession with the chemistry of brewing. And so since the Christmas of 1994, he started acquiring the apparatus required in brewing. His brother, Scott, gladly joined him in the endeavor soon thereafter.

The two brothers brewed more as a hobby up until 1999 when they felt they had enough experience and workmanship to go commercial. The Pyatts decided to look for an ideal location to start their commercial brewery and, fortunately, they came across their dream location on a farm in Glen Alpine, North Carolina.

But boy was it a piece of work! The building had no windows and looked like something straight out of a horror movie. Nonetheless, it suited the Pyatts small budget. With their new establishment in place, the brothers started their brewing business in earnest, and the first Catawba Brewing facility was born.

It is from these humble beginnings that the Catawba Brewing Company began and through its founders’ tenacity and hard work, it has experienced tremendous growth throughout the years.

Currently, it stands tall as one of the leading breweries in North Carolina, with four facilities engaged in large-scale production of beer.


The Different Facilities that Making up Catawba Brewing

The brewery has a come a long way since its first establishment in 1999. It now has four major operational facilities, all of which are spread around North Carolina. They include the Baltimore Village, the Downtown Morganton and the South Slope both in Asheville, and the most recent one in Charlotte.

And this doesn’t in any way mean that the different beers from the brewery are only consumed in North Carolina. The brewery has a rich network of distributors who ensure the products are consumed in areas as far as South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and even Alabama.


What to Expect When Visiting Catawba Brewing Company

A visit to any one of the four Catawba Brewing facilities is certainly memorable.

During the visit, you will be welcomed with a taste of one of their popular brands while enjoying some soothing live music performances and authentic art shows. This is what makes Catawba Brewing stand out from other North Carolina Breweries – getting entertained while sampling some of the best beers in North Carolina.

Take the New Year as an example. Catawba Brewing has organized a huge New Year’s Bash for all its customers. It is scheduled to be held at its Downtown, Morganton facility where different types of drinks will be flowing freely and the music will keep you on your feet into the new year.

As if that’s not enough, you can also get free Catawba merchandise to take home. You won’t want to miss this amazing event.

And you don’t need to worry about selecting a day to visit any of the facilities as they are opened throughout the year, except during selected federal holidays.


Catawba Brewery’s Recent Collaboration with Dunkin’ Donuts

Earlier, Catawba Brewery released news that was long overdue. The brewer finally collaborated with Dunkin Donuts to produce a new coffee beer, the Dunkin’ Punkin Brown Ale.

This collaboration with Dunkin Donuts was of great significance because it was the first time ever for Dunkin’ Donuts to be involved in any collaboration, and the first time for any brewery to officially use Dunkin Donuts flavors.

The Dunkin Donuts beer was introduced to the market on the National Coffee Day of 2017.

Catawba keeps growing each and every year. We are definitely going to see more amazing creations and from them.

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