When it comes to single-serve coffee, Keurig has always been at the top of the game. The Keurig Classic was one of the first popular single-serve coffee makers. The Keurig 2.0 was meant to be the next best thing.

The Keurigs new features certainly set it apart, but there was a mixed reception of this new model. Eventually, that sealed its fate, and it was unfortunately discontinued.

If you had this Keurig and loved it, you still have options. So many brands took the idea of the single-serve coffee machine and ran with it. Now the market is absolutely incredible, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

So if there are so many, how do you figure out which single-serve coffee maker is right for you? We’re here to help you narrow down your decision, so you have the best coffee maker to fit your needs.

To do this, we’re going to give you a handful of coffee makers to check out. Some of them will be super simple, and others will have a lot of lovely features. It’s up to you to figure out what will make the most sense for you!

What is the Keurig 2.0?

The Keurig 2.0 was the new and improved version of the Keurig K-Classic single-serve coffee machine. At first, it was extremely popular, and many people were interested in getting the new model. That is until they figured out that it wasn’t quite as versatile as the previous model.

Originally, you were able to get off-brand K-cups and refillable cups that enabled you to use your own coffee. In this case, that wasn’t an option, and a lot of people had no idea until they used the machine at home.

There were no refillable cups or off-brand options. The machine scanned the labels on the tops of the cups before brewing, purposely limiting people only to buy the Keurig brand.

While other brands did eventually crack the code, it took some time to accomplish. Many customers were furious that Keurig was trying to limit them. Keurig had been around long enough that people already had favorite K-cup brands or got used to the refillable cup.

They saw this as a money-making scheme, and it did not go over well.

Because of that fiasco, many customers looked into other options or stuck with the Keurig Classic. Obviously, everyone didn’t feel the same way; many people also loved this new machine.

Whether you loved it or hated it, there are plenty of replacements on the market. Many of which are newer, have more features, and are better suited to specific needs.

What to consider when buying a single-serve coffee maker

There is more to consider when picking the perfect single-serve coffee maker. For instance, do you mind using K-cups or pods, or do you want to use your own coffee?

Beyond that, you should also consider whether you’re buying this machine for your home, dorm, or even the office. Those things could help you narrow down your options tremendously. After all, your decision could come down to a lack of counter space.

Single-serve coffee or espresso machine?

Choosing between a single-serve coffee machine and an espresso machine all comes down to preference.

Most people enjoy coffee daily. It’s the easiest thing to make on your way out the door for work. Even for those at home, it’s the most convenient option, and a single-serve machine will give you a fresh cup every time.

Say goodbye to stale coffee! And moms can forget about microwaving the same old coffee from a pot they’ve been trying to drink all day.

Espresso machines have also gotten a lot simpler. It’s finally possible to have an espresso machine in your home that doesn’t take up half your counter space.

If you’re considering getting an espresso machine, you should weigh your options first. If you have the time to utilize it, it’s well worth the trouble. Most give you the ability to make espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, and any other drink you’ve been dying to try!

They also come with options for pods or models that use your own coffee.

That’s a fantastic option if you want to save some money. Going to a cafe or Starbucks is certainly a treat, but going all the time can add up quickly.

An espresso machine will make it possible to make your favorites without breaking the bank.

However, if you’re always in a rush, an espresso machine probably isn’t your best option. Making the espresso isn’t going to take much longer than brewing a regular cup of coffee. However, making lattes, cappuccinos, and other drinks will add a few steps.

The Best Alternatives to the Keurig 2.0

While the Keurig 2.0 was a great option while it was around, it is hard to come by now that it has been discontinued. So it’s time to branch out and find the next best thing!

The best space saver

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If you’re living in a dorm or just don’t have much counter space, the Keurig K-Mini coffee maker is perfect. Its slim design makes it ideal for small spaces, and it has plenty of features that you would find in the larger models.

The K-Mini can brew 6 and 12 ounces at a time. Since it is a small machine, you will need to fill the reservoir for basically every cup. Keep in mind that it is not removable.

Overall, it’s a quick little coffee brewer that will save time and space. It brews as fast as the Keurig 2.0, but it is compatible with a universal cup and other brands. So you can use all your favorites, not only Keurig K-cups.

Plus, this machine is tall enough to fit most travel mugs. So it’s a fabulous option for people on the go.

The last little feature we wanted to mention about the Keurig K-Mini is the energy-efficient design. It will automatically shut down 90 seconds after you brew your last cup.

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The best overall

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When it comes down to it, the Keurig K-Classic is the best option for most people. It’s a tried and true machine that so many people have fallen in love with over the years.

It is comparable to the Keurig 2.0 in many ways but has an all-around simpler design. You can brew between 6 and 10 ounces at a time. It has a removable 48-ounce reservoir, so it won’t constantly need to be replenished, but it is easy to fill.

This machine will brew your coffee in less than a minute and enables you to use any coffee you want. It is compatible with refillable cups and off-brand cups. So you won’t be limited in the same way as you were with the Keurig 2.0.

This particular feature is one of the main reasons that the K-Classic has been held up to the test of time. People love the versatility and enjoy being able to use their own coffee in a pinch or to save money.

The removable drip tray will minimize messes and splashing and give you the ability to use some travel mugs. Once again, it’s incredibly convenient for anyone on the go.

This machine is perfect for just about anyone. You can easily use it in your home or office, giving everyone the ability to make their own favorite cup of joe!

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The best iced coffee brewer

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If you love iced coffee, you’re going to love the Keurig K-Elite. This single-serve coffee brewer is comparable to the Keurig 2.0 in the way that it has quite a few setting options.

You can brew your normal cup of coffee, select a strong brew, or use the iced coffee setting. It has a large 75-ounce reservoir, and you can pick between cup sizes between 4 and 12 ounces. The K-Elite also gives you temperature controls, a high altitude setting, and has an auto-shutoff feature. You can even use it to make hot water for cocoa, tea, or even instant ramen.

These additional features make this machine well worth the money if you enjoy mixing up your coffee in simple ways. And it gives you the ability to do that without any extra steps.

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The best espresso machine

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If you’re looking for a straightforward espresso machine, the Mr. Coffee dual-shot espresso machine is fabulous. It enables you to make two shots of espresso in a few easy steps.

If you have been weary of espresso machines in the past, you can throw caution to the wind in this case. You don’t have to be a trained barista to use this appliance.

Making your espresso with the Mr. Coffee espresso maker is simple. All you have to do is turn it on, fill the reservoir, add your coffee, tamp, and select your setting. You can make one or two shots of espresso at a time with this machine.

The Mr. Coffee espresso machine doubles as a cappuccino machine as well. It has a milk frother that enables you to make cappuccinos or lattes. Therefore, you have everything you need in one easy machine.

If you love strong coffee, this is the perfect device for you. It’s as straightforward as any other single-serve coffee brewer, but you can make much stronger coffee.

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The best saving espresso machine

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One thing that you never used to be able to find was a small espresso machine. They used to be bulky and expensive. In today’s age, you can, and the Nescafe Dolce Gusto is one of the best.

This espresso machine is slim but has all the features you would look for in any other. The only drawback is the fact that it will require specific pods to operate.

The Nescafe espresso machine has an incredible number of settings for such a small device. That includes making hot or cold beverages and selecting the size and strength of your brew.

A basic espresso machine will open the door to so many possibilities. That includes espresso, americano, lattes, cappuccinos, shaken espresso, and so much more.

More than anything, it will give you the resources to mimic your cafe favorites without taking up much room!

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The Best All-in-One Machine

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If you can’t make up your mind on what kind of machine you want, you can get one that does it all. The Keurig K-Cafe is a model for someone who loves to experiment with different drinks.

The K-Cafe gives you the ability to make hot or iced coffee and hot or iced cappuccinos or lattes. While it doesn’t make espresso specifically, that’s a non-issue for many customers. A lot of people are considering getting an espresso machine so they can make specialty drinks. This allows you to do that but uses strong coffee instead of espresso.

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, this might not cut it for you, and that’s completely understandable. However, if you can’t choose between a regular single-serve machine and an espresso machine, maybe you don’t have to. With the K-Cafe, you have the best of both worlds in one little device.

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Find the Best Substitute for Your Keurig 2.0

Whether you had a Keurig 2.0 or merely loved the idea of it, we have something on this list for you. The Keurig 2.0 is no longer available, but there are so many possibilities.

Even when it was available, it wasn’t the ideal machine for everyone. Some people love the convenience of buying pods, and others prefer using their own coffee. Fortunately, most of these machines do both, so you will always have the option.

If you have a favorite single-serve coffee machine, we would love to hear about it in the comment section below. We would also love to hear about any experiences with the Keurig 2.0!

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